12 Steps Forward,
2 Steps Back

March 19, 2021

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Addiction is challenging, especially when very often it spills over to impact a person’s family and loved ones. But there is a way out. Recovery is possible, no matter how many times someone has tried, and the hope for a healthy future always exists. 
Sarah*, a 33-year-old mother of three, reached out to Amudim about her husband, Daniel*, who has been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for several years. It began with excessive drinking on Shabbos, which led to Daniel’s staying out late or not coming home at all. He quickly fell in with the wrong group and became addicted to oxycontin. Knowing that going home meant facing his family, Daniel moved into an apartment. When he did return each Shabbos, Sarah and the children experienced constant emotional abuse. Inevitably, Daniel overdosed and was hospitalized two years ago; since then, he has been in and out of different programs but always relapsed. 
Sarah called after an intensely difficult Shabbos, saying that she was done unless Daniel sought lasting treatment. She is terrified that her children’s lives will be permanently damaged by their exposure to this situation. After a complex intake, our case manager also discovered that Daniel was resistant to getting help and would not voluntarily enter treatment. Nor did he take his wife’s declaration of leaving seriously. 
We began by referring Sarah to an interventionist who could help orchestrate getting Daniel the right help. Together, they identified a treatment center that would meet his religious needs and accept his insurance. Thankfully, the intervention was successful in getting Daniel into rehab to detox and begin treatment. 
As Daniel progresses through the program, we are in contact with Sarah to provide her with clinical support and help her heal after years of emotional strain and distress. The case manager is in regular communication with the rehab facility to get updates on Daniel’s treatment. 
It has been a difficult journey that is far from over; but we are hopeful that Daniel will find lasting recovery and become the husband and father that his family needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, you are not alone, contact us anytime. 

WEEK ENDING: March 19, 2021
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