Bad Teacher

February 19, 2021

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School is supposed to be an enjoyable place to learn, find safety in structure, and work towards a bright future. And it is tragic and painful when something happens to turn that safe haven into a dark and triggering space. If a client comes to us after such an experience, Amudim will work tirelessly on restoring a child’s life in school and beyond to the positive place it should be.Bad teacher
Aliza* was in 10th grade, loving her courses and at the top of her class. English was her favorite subject; however, her teacher was set to go on maternity leave. At first, Aliza enjoyed the substitute instructor’s lectures and humor, but she soon noticed his taking a special interest in her. He was constantly a bit too close for comfort, and she sensed that something wasn’t right. And then one day, he asked her to stay after class; and it took only 15 horrifying minutes for her favorite subject and love of school to come crumbling down.
Aliza began withdrawing, begging to stay home. In school, she found herself crying and panicked before every English class. She felt sick and isolated, until she began researching teacher-student abuse and found an article on Amudim’s website about a girl who had been abused by her father. Aliza realized that she was not alone in either her experience or need for support, and she called Amudim and was connected with a caring and patient case manager. After listening to Aliza’s story, our case manager suggested that she see a therapist. We referred her to an appropriate expert; and Aliza began attending weekly sessions to talk not only about the abuse but to gain a happier perspective on education, how to disclose what had occurred to her family, and to set goals for her future.Bad teacher
Several years later, and Aliza is still in touch with her case manager; she is in college, working in a real estate office, and has articulated her gratitude that she now has a voice, whether it’s to answer a question in class or at work or to speak up when something is making her uncomfortable.
If you or someone you know is struggling or dealing with a situation that seems hopeless, you are not alone. Amudim is here to help guide you to a happier and safer place. Please contact us anytime.
 Bad teacherBad teacher
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

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