Departure From Israel

Coronavirus TRAVEL Departure From Israel

UPDATED February 24, 2021

NEW: Important Statement By Amudim and Chaim V’Chesed – Click Here to Read

Student Visa Holders and those with Student Visas entering or re-entering Israel – Effective immediately and until further notice – No Students (single or married) will be permitted entry or granted entry permits

As of now, there is a  severely limited availability of flights from the USA into Israel, or from Israel into the USA. We are cautiously optimistic that both  the number of flights and the number of airlines booking those flights will increase in the coming days

Entry permit applications to enter Israel, may be submitted, only if the travelers meet the eligibility requirements detailed in the Entrance to Israel Advisory page.

For those that need to leave Israel – in the case of a true emergency – there may be limited options.  Please refer to the Departure from Israel advisory page.

In cases of death and burials, there are options for the deceased person only, However, for family members to go along is very rarely possible given the limited timeframe. You can either contact the funeral home you are using or contact us for assistance in these matters.

There are ongoing policy changes happening rapidly and without advance warning, we will keep updating this page as frequently as we can. 

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Contact Information:

Email:  [email protected]

If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance,
Phone: 646-517-0222 ext 999
This phone is being monitored 24/7 for life and death emergencies.

Detailed Overview


No person will leave Israel, except for the following:

A) He/she is not an Israeli citizen and is not a permanent resident;

(B) He/she leaves Israel for a permanent place of residence outside it provided that he/she has presented a statement and documents attesting to this to the Exceptions Committee and has his/her reference for presentation;

(C) A person whose departure from Israel has been approved by an Exceptions Committee.

The criteria of the Exceptions Committee regarding leaving Israel:

(A) for the purpose of receiving essential medical treatment which does not suffer from a delay, to him/her or to another person dependent on him/her;

(B) for the purpose of attending the funeral of a first-degree relative, including attending the funeral of a deceased person brought for burial in Israel;

(C) for the purpose of assisting a first-degree relative who is in distress, and there is no one else able to provide the required assistance;

(D) for the purpose of reaching a legal proceeding to which the person is a party, has status, or is required to participate in it, provided that his remote participation is not appropriate in the circumstances of the case;

(E) a woman in the third trimester of her pregnancy;

(F) for a humanitarian or special personal need requiring entry into Israel;

(G) for an essential purpose relating to Israel’s foreign relations or for an essential purpose relating to national security, with the approval of the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, or the Prime Minister’s Office, as the case may be;

(H) He/She lawfully left Israel, according to the restrictions that applied when he/she left, and his/her permanent residence in Israel.


Only Israeli owned airlines / aircrafts are able to accommodate passenger flights at this time.

Options for private charters to and from Israel can be arranged – Contact us directly if needed

Necessary Documents for Travelers:

if you have both a foreign and an Israeli passport - you must follow Israeli passport requirements

1) For Israeli citizens / Israeli passport holders, you must obtain approval to exit Israel from the exemptions committee via this link:

2) For US passport holders leaving Israel you must have a physical copy of a completed affidavit which can be Found Here

3) All travelers (each traveler separately) must complete the following steps on the day of their flight prior to arriving to the airport: – Click Here 

4) All travelers must have a negative pcr covid test taken within 72 hours of the flight

5) You must bring all of the above documents with you to the airport and may need to present them at any point when checking in, boarding, and/or upon arrival in Israel