Eating disorders are a difficult and dangerous challenge, exacerbated by feelings of shame and isolation which prevent a person from seeking help. But when an individual is able to muster up the courage to reach out, he/she can find that what seems like an impossible battle can end in optimistic victory.  
Rina* called Amudim seeking much needed support and guidance. She had been struggling with an eating disorder for years; but the situation had deteriorated and she felt too ashamed to tell her family. Thankfully, a small part of her still believed that if she could find help, she might find a way to heal.
During her call with our case manager, many difficult emotions arose. Rina described the profound pain of living with an internal voice that forbids her from nourishing her body and makes her feel like a prisoner in her own skin. She described the momentary reprieve she feels from engaging in her eating disorder behaviors, but that it feels like a hopeless fight that she can never seem to win. Rina was experiencing feelings of deep self-hatred, thinking that shrinking herself would make her more tolerable to the world. 
Rina’s case manager provided some much needed empathy, for which she was deeply grateful. For the first time, Rina felt supported versus her usual shame, and expressed that there might be a way forward to facing her demons. Rina and her case manager established a plan to begin the process. She started weekly sessions with both a therapist and dietician and began attending a support group with others who struggle with similar challenges and can relate to her pain. The therapy has provided Rina with a safe place to explore the internal causes that led to her eating disorder and to find a way through them. And with her dietician, Rina is learning how to nurture her body and soul in a way that feels comfortable. 
As she continues on her journey to recovery, Rina has begun healing from the pain of the past; and she is discovering new meaning and purpose in the life she is finally living. 
If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime. 

WEEK ENDING: April 9, 2021
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