Foreign Spouse/Partner of an Israeli Citizen


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Aug 3, 2021: Updated Quarantine Guidance – Click here to view

Updated Instructions for Submitting an Entry Permit / Ishur Application and Re-submitting an Existing Unanswered Application – Click here for further details

Click here to be taken to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Entry Permit Application Form

Updated Vaccinations / Recovery Policy: ALL foreign nationals seeking to enter Israel, regardless of age, MUST provide proof of COVID vaccinations or have proof of COVID recovery. Click Here for more

Do I Qualify?

The guidelines below are for a foreign Spouse or Domestic Partner of an Israeli Citizen who meet the following criteria: 
1) must be either:
– Traveling Together with the Israeli Spouse/Partner or
– The Israeli Spouse/Partner must already be in Israel

2) The Israeli Spouse/Partner must have been in Israel at any point over the past 36 months.

Documents Required for Upload

Copy of the applicants passport

You will need to upload a clear photo of the Applicants Passport.

The maximum document size allowed is 1200 KB. You may use a free tool such as to compress your images.

Medical Status

This can be a proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from COVID.

You can upload:

  1. A copy of your COVID Vaccination Card
      1. A letter from a doctor confirming that you have fully recovered from COVID
      2. A letter from a doctor confirming that you have fully recovered from COVID.
      3. A PCR showing you were positive for COVID and A PCR showing the you were negative for COVID.
        You can merge both PCR test results by using a free online tool such as to create one file from both images.
Click Here for more information on Vaccination / Recovery 
Proof of Covid-19 Medical Coverage

You will see the question:

In order to be able to travel to Israel, your answer must be “Yes”

Click Here for more information on Health Insurance

Obligation to comply with all Israeli authority's COVID-19 limitations and instructions

You need to fill out the Health Declaration Form.

You can either 

  1. Click here to download and complete the form or
  2. Click Here to be directed to our online form filler.

Fill out the information of the applicant.

If you use our online form, after clicking submit, you will be receive and email with your completed and signed form. Make sure to download your completed form to upload it with your application.

Copy of the passport of the Israeli spouse / permanent residency card

You will need to provide clear copy the passport or  permanent residency card of your Israeli Citizen Spouse/Partner.

The maximum document size allowed is 1200 KB. You may use a free tool such as to compress your images.

Certificate of marriage - if married. If not married - a proof of mutual life

If you are married: Clear copy of your Marriage Certificate 

If you are not married: Proof of Domestic Partnership

Proof of Domestic Partnership

  1. A copy of the Registration of your registered domestic partnership, or
  2. Proof of financial interdependence, provide any three of the following that were issued within last 12 months:
    1. Copy of your and your domestic partner’s driver’s license showing your current address
    2. Joint mortgage or joint tenancy on a residential lease
    3. Bank account in both names, or
    4. Credit card in both names, or
    5. Power of attorney for health care, or
    6. Designation of each other as authorized signatures on safe deposit boxes, or
    7. Joint wills

You can merge multiple files by using a free online tool such as

Application for an Entry Permit

Once you have prepared your required documents, it is time to start filling out the Application for an entry permit to Israel .

Visit[email protected]#!requestDetails  where you will see an application open with a unique “Application Number”

If you are traveling with others, start by clicking “Make a copy” until you have enough applications opened for each passenger traveling.

Start filling out your application, and when you get to “Medical Status”, upload your proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from COVID.

View more information under Documents Required  > Medical Status

For the question:

In order to be able to travel to Israel, your answer must be “Yes” 
Upload your proof of Health Insurance

View more information under Documents Required > Proof of Covid-19 Medical Coverage

If you will be traveling with other family members, who are applying for permits, make sure to check yes.

Add up to 5 family members by entering their Application Number.

Travel Details:

Purpose of traveling to the State of Israel:

Choose “A foreign passenger married to an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident of Israel”

Obligation to comply with all Israeli authority’s COVID-19 limitations and instructions:

Upload your signed and completed Health Declaration Form.

View more information under Documents Required

Proof of the first-degree relation to the relative residing in Israel:

Upload your compressed pdf where you have all the required documents.

View more information under Documents Required > Proof of Relationship

Additional documents required if you are traveling with family members:

  1. Traveling with your Spouse: Marriage License
  2. Traveling with your Child/Children: Birth Certificate for each child.
  3. Traveling with your Sibling:
    1. Siblings Birth Certificate
    2. Siblings Marriage License / Proof of name change – if your sibling has a different last name.

If you need to upload more than 5 files, feel free to use our free upload system where you can upload up to 8 documents.
Click here for the form.
Upon submission you will receive an email containing one PDF with all the files you uploaded, as well as the proper steps to compress the file so it can be uploaded with your application.

Submit your form

Click “Send” when you are ready to submit your document, and you will then receive an automatic reply to your email telling you that your application has been submitted. It will also include the attachments you submitted so you can confirm everything looks okay.