Travel Request a Medical Emergency

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Update: October 3, 2021
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As the rules are continually changing, Click here for the most recent quarantine guidelines as regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health
Update: August 19, 2021
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Israeli Consulates around the world) are no longer issuing student visas for Yeshiva/Seminary students regardless of age.
If you are a Yeshiva/Seminary student who still needs a visa, please contact your school for assistance.

Please see all instructions below, and email [email protected] if you have any questions.
If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance, please call David Kushner,
Amudim’s Director of Government Relations, at 646-517-0222 ext 999, 24 hours a day.

If the sick patient is hospitalized in Israel, they will permit only ONE 1st-degree relative to enter Israel.
This only applies if there are no other 1st-degree relatives in Israel at the time.

1) Admission Request and Declaration Forms: you will need one form filled out for each passenger. Click here to get the form.

2) Proof of Covid-19 Medical Coverage for all travelers. Click Here for further guidance. 

3) Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination or Proof of Recovery for each traveler. Click here for further guidance.

4) Passenger’s Passport: A clear image of valid passports for all travelers.

5) Proof of relationship:: For each person requesting permission to travel, you must provide proof of the relationship. This can be a marriage certificate or a birth certificate, of the traveler as well as the patient, which verifies the relationship. 

6) Patient’s ID: If the patient is a citizen of Israel, please provide a clear copy of the Israeli ID card or Israel passport. If the patient is not Israeli, please provide a clear copy of the patient’s foreign passport. If there is an issue obtaining this information, and it is urgent and time-sensitive, please call David Kushner immediately at 646-517-0222, ext 999. 

7) Proof of the current condition of the patient: This must be a recent letter (within 7 days), written by a medical provider, on the official letterhead of the medical facility, detailing the condition, the name of the patient, and the sense of urgency, signed by the physician, and including the physician’s Israeli Medical License #. Please note that all information will be verified. 

Once you have prepared all of the above, please email it immediately to [email protected], put in the subject line “Medical/End of Life Travel Request,” and please do the following:

1) In the body of the email, please detail clearly the urgent matter, the reason why you would like to go, a list of each person requesting travel, and the phone number and email address for the primary person whom we should be in touch with; this MUST be one of the people requesting travel permission. 

2) Attach all documents listed above. If possible, please merge them into one multi-page PDF that is less than 5 mb.

3) After we have reviewed the email and attached documentation, and see that all information is accurate, we will submit the request. 

1) If you email send an email to [email protected] please make sure to include your phone number.

2) As rules and policies keep changing rapidly, there are no guarantees – but we will try our best. The faster you gather the needed documentation – the more likely the permit will be approved and issued in time.

3) A travel permit is not needed for any passengers that are citizens of Israel and that have a valid Israeli Passport

4) Once everything is confirmed and the travel permit is issued, we will share contact info with you for our colleagues on the ground in Israel who can assist you with any questions, concerns, or logistics from when you arrive in Israel until your departure from Israel.

5) Please note that you are obligated to remain in Israel for the duration of each individual travelers quarantine period.
However, if you are traveling for a funeral, you may enter and exit Israel within less than 24 hours. This exception applies to funerals only.

6) We must speak to the traveler directly before making any requests if more than one person is traveling; there needs to be only one family member we are communicating with on behalf of all travelers.

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected]. If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance, please call David Kushner, Amudim’s Director of Government Relations, at 646-517-0222 ext 999, 24 hours a day.

Important Follow up steps for you:

  1. Make sure the spelling of your name and passport # on the permit match exactly the name and passport # on your passport
  2. The ishur /  permit is valid for whatever time period is stated in the permit. If the permit was not used within that time frame, please reapply for a permit with all the necessary documentation and attach the unused permit, reapplying via the same email address you used for your original application.
  3. In order to check-in at the airport, each traveler must show a negative PCR Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of the flight departure time.
  4. All travelers must complete the following “traveler entry” declaration separately for each traveler.
    • Click Here to enter the “traveler entry” deceleration page
    • After completing the Travel Entry Declaration page, you will receive and email (within 2-3 min after completion). Please print that email and bring it with you to the airport.

Latest Update as of 10/3/2021

Updated Guidelines for those who were vaccinated and/or recovered OUTSIDE of Israel and from a country that is NOT part of the EU agreement, for example, the United States and Canada.

Legal Disclaimer: This information was taken from the Ministry of Health updated guidelines, which were published in Hebrew, and Amudim does not assume any responsibility for any typographical error or any error in translation.

One can always call *5400, which is the Ministry of Health hotline, and request updated information. It is strongly suggested that you either speak Hebrew or have someone on the phone with you that speaks Hebrew, as not all the operators understand and speak English fluently.

There are 3 categories of persons as far as the Ministry of Health is concerned.

  1. Persons who were vaccinated abroad
  2. Persons who had COVID and recovered abroad
  3. Persons who had COVID and were vaccinated abroad
      • ● # 2 and 3, are listed below in section 2, as the rules are similar.

In Detail:

  1. Persons who were vaccinated abroad and want to be released from quarantine
      • In order to request a release from quarantine and to request a Green Pass, those who took the Pfizer vaccine, must have had their recent dose at least 1 week prior to the request, and within the previous 6 months. For those who were vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, the most recent dose must have been administered at least 2 weeks prior and within the previous 6 months, to make the request. (There is a lack of clarity as it relates to all other approved vaccines, but it seems to be that the most recent dose must have been administered 1 week prior to, and within the previous 6 months, to make the request, like the rules for the Pfizer vaccine). Upon arrival to Israel, you need to take a PCR test at the airport (which is required anyway for all incoming passengers), and a serology (Antibody) test, which is offered at the airport as well. Once you have the results of both in hand, you should call *5400 and request the Quarantine Exemption.
  2. Persons who had COVID and recovered abroad and Persons who had COVID and were vaccinated abroad. (If you were vaccinated before your illness, you CAN NOT use serology as proof of being sick).
      • Persons who had COVID and recovered when abroad and want to be released from Quarantine (Bidud) MUST have at least one 1 dose of an approved vaccine, details below. They also have to have had the onset of illness at least 10 days prior to travel.
    • A person in this category should have proof of having COVID; either a positive PCR test result, antigen test, and/or positive antibodies from a serology test. If the proof of illness is based on a serology test, they must have the vaccine dose administered AFTER the date of the serology test. You will need to have access to the actual documentation. Upon arrival to Israel, you need to take a PCR test at the airport (which is required anyway for all incoming passengers), and a serology (Antibody) test, which is offered at the airport as well. Once you have the results of both in hand, you should call *5400 and request the Quarantine Exemption.

For anyone not in the above categories, the rule of 7 days with PCR proof still applies. That is as follows. Upon arrival in Israel, you must take a PCR test, and on day 7 you must take a PCR test. Once you have both test results, and they are negative for COVID, technically you are released, but it is strongly recommended that you call *5400, and request an official release request, as we have had many instances where people went to the airport, and the system did not show that they can leave Israel and were stuck for another day or two, getting the proof from the Ministry of Health.

Important Note: Having a Green Pass (Tav Yarok) does NOT exempt a person from the Quarantine (Bidud) requirements. The proper document for the release must come from the Ministry of Health, which as stated above, is done by calling *5400

Note of advice: It is always best if you have an Israeli cell phone #, which you should use when completing your “Preflight declaration form” (The one required to be completed within 24 hours of your flight to Israel – not to be confused with your entry permit application), and use that same # for the PCR and Serology testing. There are 2 reasons for this: One is that they generally send the release via SMS, in addition the system at *5400 reads the caller ID to identify the person.

Note: There are reports about a system where these documents can all be uploaded and stored prior to a flight, but that is not active yet. We will update this page when and if that happens.

This project has been done in conjunction with The JED Group.