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Update: October 3, 2021
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As the rules are continually changing, Click here for the most recent quarantine guidelines as regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health
Update: August 19, 2021
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Israeli Consulates around the world) are no longer issuing student visas for Yeshiva/Seminary students regardless of age.
If you are a Yeshiva/Seminary student who still needs a visa, please contact your school for assistance.

Obligation to comply with all Israeli authority’s COVID-19 limitations and instructions

You need to fill out the Health Declaration Form.

Click Here to be directed to our online form filler. Fill out the information of the applicant

After submitting the form, you will be re-directed to your completed and signed form. Make sure to download your completed form to upload it with your application.

Compressing your Files

Due to file size limits on the application website, you can compress PDF’s and JPG’s using the following free tools.

Compress PDF: Visit to compress your files.

Compress JPG: Visit to compress your images.





Application for an entry permit to Israel

Once you have completed the above steps, it is time to start filling out the Application for an entry permit to Israel .

Visit[email protected]#!requestDetails  where you will see an application open with a unique “Application Number”

If you are traveling with others, start by clicking “Make a copy” until you have enough applications opened for each passenger traveling. filling out your application, and when you get to “Medical Status”, you will have to upload your proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from COVID.

You can upload:

      1. A copy of your COVID Vaccination Card
      2. A letter from a doctor confirming that you have fully recovered from COVID
      3. A PCR showing you were positive for COVID and A PCR showing the you were negative for COVID.

    You can merge both PCR test results by using a free online tool such as to create one file from both images.

Click Here for more information on Vaccination / Recovery 

For the question:

In order to be able to travel to Israel, your answer must be “Yes”

Click Here for more information on Health Insurance

Who are you traveling with?

If you will be traveling with other family members, who are applying for permits, make sure to check yes.

Add up to 5 family members by entering their Application Number.

Uploading Documents

Continue filling in your Travel Details, and when you get to


Upload the document that you filled out on and compressed. 

As well as any other files you need to upload.

And thats all! Click “Send” when you are ready to submit your document, and you will then receive an automatic reply to your email telling you that your application has been submitted. It will also include the attachment that you submitted so that you will see it makes sure that everything is okay.


Effective Immediately and without advanced notice , the Israeli government has instituted the following method. All ishur / entry permit requests going forward, as well as those previously submitted, but not yet approved – should be submitted thru an online portal found by:  Clicking Here

For the full list of documentation needed based on your specific category of eligibility, please visit our website by Clicking Here

In cases of funerals and documented life threatening medical emergencies only – we will still be able to review your documents, submit them on your behalf, and push for expedited approval

The below text (hebrew and english) is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked us to share with the public:


מדינת ישראל שינתה את אופן הגשת הבקשות להיתר כניסה לישראל.

לצורך הגשת בקשה, יש למלא טופס מקוון ולצרף את כל המסמכים הנדרשים לצורך בחינתה.

שימו לב!

  1. במקרה של יותר מנוסע/ת אחד/ת – כל נוסע/ת נדרש/ת למלא טופס מקוון בנפרד.
  2. עליכם לצרף את כל המסמכים הנדרשים לבקשה. לרשימת המסמכים המלאה, אנא בקרו באתר הנציגות (לחצו כאן)
  3. בקשות שיוגשו ללא כלל המסמכים הנדרשים יידחו ויהיה צורך להגישן בשנית
  4. יש לשלוח את הבקשות כ-4 שבועות לפני מועד הטיסה
  5. בקשות יטופלו במסגרת 20 ימי עסקים מיום שליחת הטופס המקוון

לאור השינוי, בקשות שהתקבלו עד כה באמצעות הדוא”ל מוחזרות למבקשים ולא יטופלו.

במידה שבקשתכם רלוונטית, אנא לחצו כאן למילוי הטופס המקוון.


The State of Israel has changed the manner in which applications for entry into Israel are submitted.

In order to submit an application, one must fill out an online form and attach all the documents required for the application.


  1. In the case of more than one passenger – each passenger is required to fill out an online form separately.
  2. You must attach all the required documents to the application. For the full list of documents, please visit the consulate’s website (click here)
  3. Applications submitted without all the required documents will be rejected and will need to be submitted again
  4. Requests must be sent about 4 weeks before the flight date
  5. Applications will be processed within 20 business days from the date of submission of the online form

Due to the change, requests received so far via email are returned to applicants and will not be processed.

If your request is relevant, please Click Here to fill out the online form.