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Coronavirus TRAVEL Submitting your request

UPDATED June 22, 2021
For a general overview of all travelers, including Israeli citizens and foreign nationals Click Here
For a detailed overview of specific situations and appropriate links Click Here

GREAT NEWS FOR STUDENTS NEEDING VISAS: With much gratitude to the dedicated staff at the Israel Consulate in NYC – we can apply for a student visa on your behalf, without you needing an appointment, or going to the consulate.
Click here to see exact instructions. 

American Citizens with a recently expired US passport that need to travel back to the United States Click Here to view more

Changes: There are ongoing policy changes happening rapidly and without advance warning, we will keep updating this page as frequently as we can. 

Contact Information:

Email:  [email protected]

If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance, please call David Kushner, Amudim’s Director of Government Relations
Phone: 646-517-0222 ext 999, 24 hours a day.

1) You should attach your PDF file (under 5 mb in size) along with your formal request to the Israeli consulate closest to your point of flight departure. The email address for the NY consulate is [email protected] – a list of all other consulates along with phone numbers and email addresses can be found at – (currently a 3 week processing time – but you may submit as early as 4 weeks prior to your flight)

2) You may also have your 1st degree israeli citizen relative submit the request in person with a physical copy of all the documents to an Interior Ministry off in Israel – a list of those offices can be found at – (usually 3-5 day processing time)

3) You can apply directly to the interior ministry either via email at Corona-[email protected] – (normally a 7-10 day processing time)

When submitting your request via email , please include in the text of the email (not the attachment) the following format separately for each traveler:

Primary Traveler:

1 – Name of Traveler (as it appears on passport)
2 – Passport Number
3 – Passport Issuing Country
4 – Category of Eligibility (1st degree relative, funeral, new birth, wedding, etc…..)
5 – Travel Date

Additional Traveler:
same format as above

Please allow the appropriate time for processing and issuance of each request – Requests should not be submitted more than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled travel date indicated in the request documents.

For true emergencies such as a funeral, documented life threatening medical emergency , or unusually extreme extenuating circumstances, you may reach us at [email protected] to see if you qualify for our office to request an expedited approval process on an emergency basis.