Masking Depression

August 13, 2021

Dear Amudim Family,
No matter how dark life can sometimes feel, there is always a way out if you just know where to turn and are willing to open the door. While there is no magical fix, with the right support and motivation to heal, the path to a healthier future is a viable alternative.
Daniel* was at the beginning of his senior year of high school when he suddenly began skipping classes and found a new crowd of friends with whom he began drinking and smoking marijuana. He soon developed a dependency and this became his new normal; Daniel found himself sleeping through his morning classes and not engaging in school life at all. 
It reached a point where Daniel realized that if he wanted to graduate and have a chance at going to college, he needed to get his life back on track. Upon the advice of a guidance counselor, he called Amudim asking for help; he was feeling very low and wanted to turn things around. 
After speaking with Daniel, our case manager realized that Daniel was dealing with feelings of depression that he had been masking with drugs and alcohol. He didn’t like how he felt when he was high or drunk, but also did not know how to handle his feelings when he was sober. We recommended both a psychiatrist and therapist for Daniel in order to treat the depression, help work through his challenges and ultimately build healthy coping skills and tangible goals. 
Daniel’s case manager has maintained regular contact, and reports that Daniel is currently attending regular AA meetings and weekly therapy sessions. Thankfully, Daniel is now working and has been sober for more than 15 months. He was recently accepted to college and will be starting this fall. Daniel notes that he does still have his difficult days, but that he feels more able to cope and has found meaning in his life again; he is grateful to Amudim for helping him find the support he needed.
If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime. 
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

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