2021 Year in Review

Dear Amudim Family,
As we approach 2022, here’s a recap video of this past year. Thank you all for your continued support. 
If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime. 
You are not alone.

WEEK ENDING: December 31, 2021

169 New Amudim Cases Opened This Week

Each week, Amudim fields calls covering a wide range of crises and addressing various human concerns, including addiction, depression, abuse, health and domestic emergencies and many others. We track the calls and breakdown of issues for many reasons, foremost of which is to consistently improve and strengthen our knowledge and ability to address community’s needs.

In the news

Crisis TRAVEL​

As the rules for traveling to and from Israel are constantly changing, click here for the most current information. We will continue to keep you posted.


A Parents Guide to Speaking with Their Teenaged Children
Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman PsyD, Debbie Fox, LCSW
Man from Vilna
Shulem Lemmer and Yanky Lemmer