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Change in Behavior

February 14, 2020

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Nathan* is a 24 year-old whose parents reached out to Amudim in distress over their son’s troubling behavior. Our case manager spoke with them extensively about Nathan’s complex history. As a child, Nathan had been a gifted student who always thrived academically. Behaviorally, though, he struggled in the traditional classroom setting, often speaking out of turn or impulsively acting out. His parents were attentive to these issues, and Nathan began working with a therapist and was placed on ADHD medication to manage his behavior. He graduated high school with honors and seemed bound for college and a successful career. Yet the summer before he was due to begin, Nathan began using marijuana and had his first manic episode with psychotic features. Not knowing what else to do, his family placed him in a local rehab, which did little to resolve the problem.

After Nathan’s second manic episode, his parents finally called Amudim, at a loss and needing guidance on how to proceed. Everything they had done to help their son up to this point had not been enough. Our case manager quickly realized that Nathan needed an updated assessment to determine appropriate treatment options. The family was treating the drug use as the primary problem, when it was in truth secondary to Nathan’s mental illness. His symptoms at the time of intake included auditory hallucinations, detachment from reality, grandiosity, paranoia, and violence.

Amudim’s case manager contacted Nathan’s insurance company and secured the best and most financially sustainable treatment plan. We secured placement for Nathan in a fantastic residential treatment program that has a stellar record of treating bi polar disorder with psychotic features. While he began treatment, Amudim secured a separate therapist for Nathan’s parents and younger sister, who has been terribly affected by her brother’s mental illness. Amudim continues to provide support and guidance regularly to the whole family unit.

Although their journey is tough, they take comfort in knowing there is a plan and support in place to see them through it. With the right treatment and follow through, the prognosis for Nathan’s future is now hopeful.

*Details have been changed for privacy purposes

And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

51 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 9 At Risk Matters
  • 2 Domestic Abuse
  • 6 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Eating Disorders
  • 4 Mental Health
  • 1 Sex Addiction
  • 20 Sexual Abuse
  • 8 Therapy Referral


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