Connecting the Dots

February 4, 2022

Dear Amudim Family,

Seek and you shall find is not always the case when a person tries to do so alone. Getting the appropriate help for an individual’s needs is sometimes the biggest hurdle in the journey towards healing. But with guidance and support, the right assistance for every person is out there to be found.

Shmuel*, a 30 year old husband and father of four, saw us as a final attempt to get the help he so desperately needed. He had been struggling with deep feelings of sadness and detachment for several years, which only intensified after he lost his job due to covid cutbacks. Shmuel’s daily life was also exacerbated by the guilt he felt about being unable to fully be present for his family.

After hearing about Amudim from a neighbor, Shmuel’s wife urged him to reach out, as he had been to three different therapists, none of whom were the right fit. Shmuel was seeking an experienced, compassionate, available practitioner who would be there when he needed him. After a few phone conversations, our case manager was able to connect Shmuel with a clinic close to his home that accepts his insurance. He began weekly meetings with their social worker and also met with a psychiatrist who put Shmuel on medication to help cope with his feelings. Thankfully, this combined with regular therapy sessions has helped improve Shmuel’s life and gotten him back on track to feeling optimistic about his future.

Shmuel still regularly checks in with his case manager, and recently reported that he is feeling well enough to begin searching for a job as he reconnects with himself, his wife and children.

If you or a loved one is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is here and ready to help.

*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

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