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Seeing the Signs

January 10, 2020

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Mrs. Eisner*’s 25 year-old son, Menachem*, had been drinking for some time. Starting at 14 with a shot or two in shul, it quickly escalated to weekend binging, beginning on Thursday nights and often ending in hangovers on Sunday mornings. Mrs. Eisner found Menachem drunk more often than not, and he exhibited some troubling signs; but he had never “blacked out”-the red flag her friends told her was a primary warning sign.

Yet Mrs. Eisner knew that something was wrong. Menachem’s drinking was affecting his learning in yeshiva, from waking up late to not being present in class. She felt helpless, not knowing how to help her struggling child. As she was scrolling through one of her whatsapp groups, she saw Amudim’s PSA video “Kiddush Club,” which clearly paralleled the issues Menachem was facing. She reached out to Amudim for guidance, and our case manager helped her realize all the red flags of alcoholism that her son had displayed throughout the years. She helped Mrs. Eisner understand that getting help for him and his family was imperative. Our case manager connected Menachem with the right resources, where he would soon meet a drug and alcohol counselor and attend AA meetings for young individuals in the Orthodox community. The case manager also provided information regarding Al-Anon meetings so Mrs. Eisner could receive her own support through this process.

While maintaining contact to check in, the case manager saw improvement within several weeks in Mrs. Eisner’s mood, tone of voice, and most importantly, her outlook on the situation. She was more positive and understood the journey that Menachem was on; and because she has found support and knows that she is not alone, Mrs. Eisner is able to effectively be there for her son, who continues to attend daily meetings and meet with his counselor on a weekly basis. We at Amudim have high hopes that Menachem will continue his recovery process towards a successful future. Drinking and addiction is an issue that can affect anyone, from any family and at any age; and Amudim is here to provide the necessary education and support for those affected by this overwhelming situation.

*Details changed for privacy purposes

And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

76 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 6 At Risk Matters
  • 4 Housing Placement
  • 2 Child Abuse & Neglect
  • 8 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Gambling Addiction
  • 5 Therapy Referral
  • 11 Mental Health
  • 3 Suicide Prevention
  • 2 Eating Disorders
  • 2 Death Related
  • 5 Domestic Violence
  • 2 Sex Addiction
  • 25 Sexual Abuse


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