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Moshe* is a 42 year-old single man who contacted Amudim after his mother passed away; he is struggling under the tremendous burden of grief and guilt, missing the close relationship and support and love that is now gone. This loss caused a relapse and he began turning to drugs and alcohol after having been clean for several years. His drug and alcohol use started in elementary school, where he was constantly bullied; his pain was exacerbated by the emotional and physical abuse he was experiencing at the hands of his father at home.

Moshe feels that his grief surrounding his mother’s death precipitated his relapse into drugs and alcohol. When he called Amudim, our case manager suggested that Moshe begin attending Narcotics Anonymous; and after a few weeks, it was progressing smoothly. The case manager gave Moshe several referrals for therapists and continued to support and follow up with him over the next two months.

In early November, Moshe called Amudim with the happy news that he had reached out to a therapist, is now in weekly counseling, and finally feels hope that he can get to a place of healing and move past his terrible loss. This sort of struggle is sadly all too common; if you or someone you know is in despair of how to deal with and process grief of any kind, please reach out. Amudim is here to provide the necessary resources and support.

*Details changed for privacy purposes

Calling all U.S. Citizens in Israel

Thank you to the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy Jerusalem for partnering with Amudim and Nefesh Bnefesh for this important event. Everything US citizens need to know from the US Embassy in Israel.
Monday, January 27th at 7pm
5 Nahum, Kerem Avraham, Jerusalem, 95507, Israel
Join Amudim IsraelNefesh Bnefesh and the United States Embassy for a unique opportunity to hear from the Embassy on a range of topics that impact US citizens living abroad, including:
* Passports
* Transmitting Citizenship to your Children (and Grandchildren)
* Social Security Benefits
* Voting Registration and more!
Event is FREE of charge and open to the public, registration is recommended.
Please click here to register.

And here is a breakdown of new cases we opened this past week:

59 New Cases Opened This Week

  • 1 Legal Matters
  • 4 At Risk Guidance
  • 1 Child Abuse & Neglect
  • 2 Death Related
  • 2 Housing Placement
  • 7 Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • 1 Eating Disorders
  • 1 Elder Abuse
  • 1 Emotional Abuse
  • 1 Gambling Addiction
  • 2 Housing Placement
  • 5 Mental Health
  • 1 Physical Abuse
  • 1 Porn Addiction
  • 1 Psych Emergency
  • 3 Sex Addiction
  • 20 Sexual Abuse
  • 7 Therapy Referral
  • 1 Suicide Prevention


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