Struggling with Anxiety & Depression

July 9, 2021

Dear Amudim Family,
Even with the right diagnosis and a sincere desire to seek help, a person will not always achieve the results he/she needs. But when we are able to assist someone with developing an appropriate plan of care and help him find the resources to put it into action, the outlook for an optimistic future can become a reality.
Ari*, a 25 year-old, has struggled for years with substance abuse after having been diagnosed with anxiety and depression at a young age. His parents were supportive and did their best to find the right help, but Ari went through various treatment options and never found the appropriate one.
Several months ago, Ari’s uncle reached out to Amudim concerned for his nephew and desperate for guidance on how the family could finally help Ari get the support he needed that would lead to a lasting and healthy future. Our case manager first encouraged Ari’s uncle to have Ari himself call in; when he did, we were able to conduct a full intake, assess the client’s status and determine the proper course. 
It was clear that Ari at this point needed in-patient treatment and rehab; thankfully, his place of employment offers a strong insurance plan and our case manager was able to find an in-network program that was a good fit. We have maintained continuous contact with his treatment team and are happy to report that Ari is doing really well and feels hopeful that he can finally build a positive and healthy life for himself; he no longer feels like his anxiety and depression are chains just pulling him down. 
Our case manager also made sure to circle back to Ari’s uncle and referred him to a support group for family members of individuals struggling with mental health issues. With the right education and guidance, Ari will now have a solid support system when he resumes his daily life.
If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime. 
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

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