The Sound of Silence

May 28, 2021

Dear Amudim Family,

Sometimes silence can be deafening and noise serene and joyful. Yet danger can hide beneath both. But if you listen carefully and pay close attention, it can make the difference in uncovering the truth and helping someone out of darkness.

Chaya* grew up in a noisy household with six siblings and a constant stream of guests. Chaya loved the sounds of her busy home; but in the year she turned 15, she sadly learned that sometimes quiet is the better alternative. Chaya was with her older brother and his friends around whom she always felt more mature and cool. Everything was fine until Dan*, her brother’s 17 year-old friend, asked her to go for a walk. She thought nothing of it as they had grown up together. But the day took a terrible turn when Danny didn’t know when to stop and that no means no. Chaya returned home heartbroken that someone she viewed as family would take advantage of her so badly. Because she cared about her brother, she didn’t tell anyone. And with the continuing bustle in the house, no one noticed Chaya spending more time in her room, secluded behind a protective, silent wall she created where she eventually stopped speaking entirely.

Thankfully, her parents had recently attended an Amudim presentation at their synagogue where they learned of warning signs of abuse. When their daughter continued in shut down mode, they called us, desperate to help her. Our case manager guided them through the sad reality that they would have to question Chaya to see what had occurred. The case manager was there every step of the way, during the difficult conversation and connecting Chaya to the right therapist.

Today, Chaya is 24, married with a son; her friends know her as a kind and outgoing young woman. Baruch Hashem she has a caring husband, rewarding job, and a lovely home she now fills with guests of her own. Chaya’s parents recently reached out to express their gratitude to Amudim that had it not been for the right intervention, Chaya would never have reached the happy future she once thought was impossible.

If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime.

*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

WEEK ENDING: May 28, 2021
196 New Amudim Cases Opened This Week

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On Monday night we had our first (of three) mental health workshops for rebbeim from the Syrian yeshivas. It was nicely attended by a mix of rebbeim and roshei yeshiva from the various schools. Opening divrei bracha were given by Rabbi Mordechai (Max) Sutton (pictured).

This week’s presentation was by Dr Jacob Freedman
Next week Dr Shmuel Harris
Following week Rabbi Volvey Rand