Nobody's Perfect

November 19, 2021

Dear Amudim Family,
Even when life seems perfect, there are always challenges lurking beneath the surface. Many people don’t realize that their loved ones’ trauma can transfer into their lives and become part of their inherent makeup. But breaking the cycle is possible with the right guidance; we don’t have to continue the patterns that came before us.
To all who knew her, Lily* appeared to be a success. An overachiever, she worked full time, has four children, a loving husband, and seemed to run a calm, happy home. But inside she was suffering. She was struggling with anxiety, which was causing chronic insomnia. The fatigue was so bad that Lily feared driving because she worried about falling asleep at the wheel. After she hit a parked car, she knew it was time to seek help. But Lily felt awkward going to a therapist since she felt she had nothing to complain about, her life was good.
After seeing a post on our social media account, Lily reached out to Amudim. She was quickly connected with a case manager who reassured Lily that she is “deserving” of therapy and that her issues are real and valid. 
Lily and her case manager set up a time to check in after Lily’s first therapy appointment. When she called, Lily was in a more talkative place and explained that her therapist had helped her understand a lot about herself and her anxiety. She explained that she had experienced trauma vicariously as a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. Her need to excel, seek perfection and her inability to express herself for fear of seeming “ungrateful” was the source of her tremendous anxiety. Her therapist explained that trauma can be intergenerational, and that while it was no one’s fault, her childhood had been a difficult one. 
Lily is now proud to say that she is breaking the cycle of trauma – she is letting her children see that no one is perfect, that to err is human, and that expressing feelings is a good thing. Lily’s anxiety has thankfully decreased and she is sleeping better, hopeful that she has a more serene and happy future ahead of her.
If you or someone you know is struggling, contact us anytime. 
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes.

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