Zvi Gluck and his team at Amudim, are walking, breathing kiddushei Hashem. Not only do they save countless physical lives with dignity and compassion, their untiring dedication is spiritual gift to our community and a reminder of how Torah observant Jews should live.- Allison Josephs - Jew In The City



Zvi Gluck was born to help others. Growing up in the home of his father, the illustrious Rabbi Edgar Gluck, Zvi witnessed the extent that one must go to support those in crisis and guide them to success. But perhaps the greatest lesson he learned from his father is the famous dictum of Pirkei Avos: “B’makom sh’ein bo anashim, hishtadel lehiyos ish” -- in a place where there are no leaders, you be the leader.

At the age of 15, Zvi saw a need that was not being met. Children who had lost parents to cancer were not receiving the bereavement services they desperately needed. So, Zvi founded the National Cancer Bereavement Foundation to ensure that those vital services would be provided. Once larger, more established organizations saw the need and began addressing it themselves, Zvi stepped out because, it’s not about who gets the credit, it’s about whether those in crisis are getting the assistance they need. For 14 years, Zvi’s cellphone number has been on the speed dial of community leaders, rabonim, politicians and anyone involved in community support. His phone rings 24/7: arrests, overdoses, suicide, sexual abuse and diplomatic issues.

A handful of community leaders recognized the value of Zvi’s work and saw that for every person Zvi assisted, dozens more benefited; when you help those in crisis, you also benefit their family, friends and community. These leaders realized that the issues facing our community are far too large for one man to combat. These issues must be addressed with a united front backed by an organizational structure and the resources necessary to respond quickly and properly. Amudim was formed to ensure that any Jew facing crisis is provided with the assistance and guidance he needs in the most professional, knowledgeable and caring manner.



Amudim is dedicated to serving community members in times of crisis. Founded on the pillars of kindness, compassion and dignity, Amudim functions as a confidential resource center providing direct support and referrals for individuals and families impacted by abuse, neglect and addiction, or requiring assistance with burial coordination. Amudim ensures access to meaningful assistance and enduring support for those in need and fosters change and growth by raising awareness and implementing educational programs within the Jewish community.

We are not only providing pillars of support, we are empowering others to become pillars of support.


To ensure that every Jew facing crisis has a place to turn.


  • always gives 110% to every person in need.
  • is always moving because our clients deserve out constant energy and support
  • does whatever it takes to help those in need




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When a child is in crisis, we as a community need to be there for them and their families to show support in any way we can. Zvi Gluck and the staff of Amudim are taking the lead in making sure that children and families who have already suffered so much feel that their cries are being heard.- Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg, Principal of Bnot Chaya Academy


When people are faced with crisis, their world begins to crumble. In addition to managing the crisis itself, otherwise manageable daily responsibilities become overwhelming. This additional pressure compounds the crisis creating a crushing, seemingly insurmountable physical, psychological, and emotional strain. Our holistic approach to crisis-- providing the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage both the crisis and everyday life-- is necessary for clients to reach optimal positive outcomes.

crisis intervention


We serve as a primary database of services, using our own vast resources as well as referrals to other appropriate organizations and social service agencies. Our extensive professional network, experience and relationships allow us to guide those in need with delicate precision.


When every second counts and sensitivity is paramount, Amudim works with families and therapists to help break the news and guide families through the painful process with logistical assistance and emotional support. We also help ensure that the body is treated with respect and in accordance with the family's religious beliefs.


Members of our community may find themselves in a crisis situation in a foreign country. This might involve an emergency medical situation, a diplomatic issue such as visa issuance, or even legal trouble. Amudim's worldwide network of legal, medical and government professionals assists and guides them toward crisis resolution.


We understand the particularly delicate nature of sexual abuse and our guiding principle is to treat victims and their families with care and compassion. We maintain the highest possible comfort level for victims through knowledgeable and sensitive staff who offer a wide range of assistance. Whether it is counseling, referrals to therapists or treatment programs, or guidance through the intricacies of the legal process, our driving mission is to help families stay together and teach them how to provide the practical and emotional support that victims need.


Fighting the epidemic of substance abuserequires not just caring and knowledge but the ability to act immediately, 24/7. Amudim's staff members as well as those in our extensive network allow us to address crisis situations with speed, skill and compassion. Medical treatment, therapy and inpatient rehabilitation are often the first critical step but followup, addressing of underlying issues and reintroduction to normalcy are the end goals.


Elderly abuse/neglect often goes unnoticed and unaddressed. Amudim is awakeing community awareness of this growing concern, aiding victims, providing families with assistance with city social service agencies, and endeavoring to get families involved in the healing process.

education & awareness


The key to prevention is awareness and education. Our speakers’ bureau is comprised of top educators and professionals in their fields. Deeply passionate about their work, they share the often-difficult, honest truths of their experiences, balanced with a compassion and empathy that informs, inspires, and ultimately educates.


Amudim presents nationwide lectures on the effects of sexual abuse on the victim, his/her family, and the community at large. Our team of lecturers includes psychologists, medical liaisons, lawyers and victims who all explain this matter from their perspective and experience.


Creating relationships that provide meaningful, ongoing support are essential to helping teens in crisis. Amudim's counselors visit the places where our teens hang out to build relationships within their comfort zone. This preventative outreach is vital in ensuring the success of our younger generation.


Amudim recognizes the daunting challenges facing parents within the overall yeshiva and Jewish day school system, as well as the individual issues that may exist for a specific student within a particular school. Amudim helps find the best options for each student from preschool through middle school, high school and beyond.



Amudim is a Life Saver, providing urgent care when needed most, with the utmost level of professionalism and compassion, Zvi Gluck is on call 24/7. always there where needed most. I wish him and his staff the best of luck with their critical work.- Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, Director of Ohr Naava


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