The History of Amudim

A Chance Meeting,
An Accidental Text

Mendy Klein z”l and Zvi Gluck were both born to help others. Mendy was a true askan, someone who shouldered the pain and burden of individuals and communities and had the foresight and bravery to meet critical issues head on. Zvi had been involved in communal affairs from the age of 15, having seen from his father, the illustrious Rabbi Edgar Gluck, the extent that one must go to support those in crisis and guide them to success. But perhaps the greatest lesson Zvi learned from his father was the famous dictum of Pirkei Avos: “B’makom sh’ein bo anashim, hishtadel lehiyos ish” — in a place where there are no leaders, you be the leader. Zvi picked up that mantle of leadership for any Jew, anywhere in crisis, becoming the one person rabbonim, politicians, and anyone involved in community support would call for guidance and assistance with arrests, overdoses, suicide, sexual abuse and diplomatic issues.

When “fate” intervened to put Mendy and Zvi together, they combined to create a force that would change the way community issues were discussed and addressed, saving countless lives.
Shortly after that “accidental” dinner, Amudim was born to be the first call that anyone in crisis makes. Backed by an organizational structure with the resources necessary to respond quickly and properly. Amudim ensures that any Jew facing crisis is provided with the assistance and guidance he needs in the most professional, knowledgeable and caring manner.

A seemingly random meeting put Mendy and Zvi together and they joined forces to create a life-saving entity that would change the way community issues were discussed and addressed. Within weeks of its initial launch, Amudim quickly became the go-to address for anyone in crisis, its organizational structure providing the necessary resources to respond thoroughly and efficiently to calls for help. Amudim ensures that any Jew in crisis can get the guidance they need in the most professional, knowledgeable and caring manner.

The Amudim Promise

Our Vision Is To Ensure That Every Individual Facing A Crisis Has A Place To Turn.

Amudim is dedicated to serving community members in times of crisis. Founded on the pillars of kindness, compassion, and dignity, Amudim functions as a confidential resource center that provides meaningful assistance, enduring support, and direct referrals for individuals and families impacted by sexual abuse, neglect, and addiction, and other crisis-related matters.We foster change and growth, by raising awareness and implementing educational programs within our community. Amudim not only provides pillars of support, but also empowers others to become pillars of support.

Values that guide us

Always try harder,
the world needs us.

Give 110% to every person in need.

Standing Still Is
Never An Option

Our clients deserve our constant energy and support.

Don’t wait.

Planning is important, but time is of the essence. Take those urgent steps quickly

Show others
why we’re here.

When we create believers in what we do, we create allies that help us help others.

Do whatever it takes
to help others.

If it’s tried and true, do it. If it doesn’t work, find a different path.