Since it first opened its doors in late 2017, this groundbreaking initiative that Mendy Klein z”l conceived and launched, has quickly become a vital resource to the community. For years, Amudim has received a large volume of calls from American gap year students in need. In addition to cases of addiction and other crises, there have been multiple instances of victims coming forth with unresolved trauma, after they were far removed from their abusers. In a foreign land, these struggling teenagers are faced with the challenge of overcoming language and cultural barriers, to receive the services they need. Amudim Israel was founded to serve this Anglo student population, and has since expanded to provide young couples, and others abroad, the enduring support and meaningful assistance they need.


Gavz Boyz started as a meaningful summer camp program for at risk teen boys, but has since transformed into a year round program. The specialized initiative seamlessly blends travel and excitement with support services, and confidence building, among other valuable life skills.The long term relationships forged with experienced and highly trained mentors provide participants with a support system that extends far beyond the programming. Over 90 percent of our “Boyz” have regained control of their lives and are now healthy and productive members of society.

Project Heal

As sexual abuse is a factor in the vast majority of suicides and drug overdoses in the community, the mission to ensure that victims receive high quality therapeutic services is crucial. Project Heal provides therapy subsidies to childhood sexual abuse victims, who could not otherwise afford the lifesaving support they need. The program exists to help people cope with severe physical and emotional trauma, and treat potentially fatal disorders and addictions.


The high numbers of individuals suffering from abuse and/or addiction that Amudim has assisted since its inception, demonstrates the need for a proactive program that employs education and empowerment to prevent people from ever being victimized.

Darcheinu / Our Path SEL is a fully encompassing, 30 week school curriculum that teaches children about potential dangers and how to avoid them. This necessary culturally sensitive initiative uses the proven formula of social and emotional learning (SEL) to provide students with the tools they need for success in today’s risk-filled world.