SERVICES FOR those affected by
Domestic Violence

Comprehensive Clinical Case Management

The difficulty of coping with crisis situations can sometimes give way to domestic violence, which often goes unresolved and can even escalate because it is overshadowed by the primary concern. Domestic violence can also become an issue when those who were raised in a culture of domestic violence repeat those patterns because they lack the perspective to appreciate the unhealthiness of their behavior. Amudim’s case managers understand how to navigate these complexities, providing appropriate care for all aspects of the ongoing issue.

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Referral Services to Proper Treatment:

Every person that comes to us is unique, making it imperative for us to tailor our referrals to them and their specific circumstances.
Amudim has established relationships with numerous clinicians, treatment centers, outpatient programs and more, so that we could we make the most suitable referrals, and best guide people on the important steps necessary to achieve a long term positive outcome. All too often people equate price with success, believing that extremely expensive programs, which are usually beyond the means of clients and their families, are the best choice. Our caring and knowledgeable staff work tirelessly to provide the best affordable. Individualized care. We not only identify high-quality options that are very often approved by the client’s insurance providers, but we also offer insurance advocacy when possible and obtain single case agreements or scholarships.


While the word crisis can mean different things to different people, help is always just a phone call away for those facing difficult circumstances.   Our dedicated staff understands that every situation is unique and multi-faceted, drawing on years of experience to identify approaches, treatments and other solutions. 

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A Mental Health PSA by Amudim

Mental Health Treatment

All too often, individuals who struggle with mental health issues are so mired in their pain that they are unable to see the larger picture, a reality that prevents them from getting proper help.  By providing clients with a broader view of the issue, we are better able to guide them towards the most promising treatment options. Similarly, our staff works closely with family members, providing them with the practical and emotional support they need.

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