Safeguarding Souls
A Universal Commitment to Every Jew
December 13, 2023

Amidst the harsh realities that have become part of our lives since the October 7th terror attacks, we've also been privileged to witness uplifting moments. Who can forget the heartwarming scenes of little kids managing corner lemonade stands, selling their goods for the price of a perek of Tehillim? Equally moving were the gestures of kind-hearted strangers presenting sterling silver candlesticks and a matching tray to the wife of a wounded Israeli soldier who had resolved to light Shabbos candles in a renewed commitment to Yiddishkeit.

However, even as the world grappled with the visible signs of war, a noticeable void remained. The absence of a collective voice advocating for the female victims who had been subjected to unspeakable atrocities became painfully apparent in the aftermath of the terror attack. These women needed more than sympathy; they needed a resounding call to action to address their trauma. Yet even those typically championing women’s rights remained silent, the #MeTooUnlessUrAJew hashtag circulating on social media encapsulating the situation in less than 20 characters.

Having already seen the historical pain that lingered for decades after the Holocaust, affecting both survivors and their descendants, the importance of healing not only today’s wounds, but also preventing the propagation of trauma through future generations, is another pressing issue. Equally significant is the exponential surge in anti-Semitism that followed the terror attacks, manifesting itself through demonstrations and assaults that have taken a physical and emotional toll on many individuals.

In line with its commitment to mental health advocacy and its mission to support victims of abuse and addiction, Amudim stepped into the void, emerging as a steadfast advocate for those suffering unseen wounds. Amudim has drawn on its almost decade of experience in crisis and comprehensive case management, and has become a strong supporter for those impacted by the war, addressing the broader spectrum of trauma, standing in solidarity with those who are suffering, and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Amudim is offering free support sessions to English speakers in Israel, providing a safe, confidential space for those struggling to get the help they need during this challenging time. The importance of healing and preventing trauma is a high priority at this time, making Amudim’s annual Unite to Heal livestream fundraiser all the more crucial. Taking place on December 17th and 18th with the theme "Stand United," this event will feature 36 hours of star-studded programming with the Jewish community’s best-known leaders, thinkers, and entertainers all rallying support for Amudim, whose work has never been more vital.

"Stand with us against the perpetuation of trauma,” said Rabbi Zvi Gluck, CEO of Amudim. “Your support will allow us to start healing from our collective trauma, and together, we can break the chains of generational suffering and amplify the voices of those who need it most in our community."

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