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UPDATED February 25, 2021

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Student Visa Holders and those with Student Visas entering or re-entering Israel – Effective immediately and until further notice – No Students (single or married) will be permitted entry or granted entry permits

As of now, there is a  severely limited availability of flights from the USA into Israel, or from Israel into the USA. We are cautiously optimistic that both  the number of flights and the number of airlines booking those flights will increase in the coming days

Entry permit applications to enter Israel, may be submitted, only if the travelers meet the eligibility requirements detailed in the Entrance to Israel Advisory page.

For those that need to leave Israel – in the case of a true emergency – there may be limited options.  Please refer to the Departure from Israel advisory page.

In cases of death and burials, there are options for the deceased person only, However, for family members to go along is very rarely possible given the limited timeframe. You can either contact the funeral home you are using or contact us for assistance in these matters.

There are ongoing policy changes happening rapidly and without advance warning, we will keep updating this page as frequently as we can. 

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Contact Information:

Email:  [email protected]

If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance,
Phone: 646-517-0222 ext 999
This phone is being monitored 24/7 for life and death emergencies.

Student Visa

Non-Israeli students studying in Israel – As of now, and this is subject to change, single students, even with a valid student visa, who depart Israel, will NOT be allowed to return to Israel. Married students, whose “Center of Life” is Israel, which is defined as having been in Israel for a minimum of 180 days during the last year, are eligible to apply for a permit to re-enter Israel, but keep in mind that this can be a lengthy process. It is our strong recommendation that unless a student, single or married, truly must leave Israel, it is best to remain until new guidelines come out.   

There are 2 categories:

Yeshiva and Seminary Students must apply via their schools, and be issued the entry permit from the Ministry of Interior. Consulates outside of Israel will NOT issue or process these requests.

University Students are able to apply for the entry permit by contacting their local Israeli Consulate.

  • We will update this page as new information becomes available.
  • Should you feel that there is an extenuating circumstance, and would like us to review it, please email [email protected], and put “Student Visa” in the subject line.