Our Team

Board of Directors

Ita Klein


Moshe Wolfson


Batsheva Boehm Esq.

Secretary OF THE BOARD

Adam Westreich


Nati Klein


Yoni Klein


Leiby Oberlander


Dr. David Pelcovitz


Barbara Silber, ESQ.


Adam Sokol


Board Of Governors

David Z. Solomon, Esq.


Shmuly Halpern


Amir Jaffa


Lazer Scheiner


Moishe Tohn


Srully Wolfson


Advisory Board

Dr. Shlomie Zimmerman, Psy.D


Barry Horowitz, LCSW


Dr. Hindie M. Klein, Psy.D


Dr. Gary Lelonek, MD


Shira Manne


Dr. Akiva Perlman, Ph.D


Dr. Faye Zakheim, Ph.D


Executive Staff

Zvi Gluck


Debra Pelman, CPA, MBA


Zoe Binson


Myriam Lankry, LCSW


Dr. Yechiel Zagelbaum


Operational Staff

Shira Berkowitz, LCSW


Sarah Cohen


Sandy Eller


Leora Ferster


Moshe Frankel, CASAC


Moshe Gardner


R' Yisroel Grossberg, Ms. Ed.


David Kushner


Avi Landa


Tzippy Landau


Ushy Lieber


Matil Yehudis Shteierman


Dr. Dov Snow, Ph.D


Chanie Steinfeld


Nikki Schreiber


Esti Webberman


Dovid Weingarten, LCSW


Clinical Staff

Sara Kagan


Susan Shtundel


Tziporah Baron


Mushka Cohen


Devorah Fischbein


Moshe Frankel


Beryl Greenberg


Naftaly Herskovic


Sara Horowitz


Benjamin Katz


Ariella Len


Shira Leventhal


Ariel Muskat-Brown


Jay Rosenfeld


Haddassah Tropper



Our chairwoman, Mrs. Ita Klein, has been intimately involved in all of the endeavors that her late husband Mendy a”h supported and guided. Among the closest to their hearts was Amudim. Coming, as she does, from a house that is imbued with concern for alleviating the pain and distress of challenged and injured people, there is no more appropriate person to take over Mendy’s leadership role. Ita has seen all aspects of communal life, at all levels, and therefore brings a unique combination of intelligence and core Jewish values that are so necessary for an organization like Amudim.


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CONTACT Nati Klein

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CONTACT Yoni Klein

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CONTACT Leiby Oberlander

The CEO of Care Network LLC and owner of Apex Rehabilitation and Care Center, Leiby has years of experience in residential health care facilities. He is managing partner at multiple nursing homes including Ditmas Park Care Center, Sayville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mills Pond Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Hilaire Rehabilitation and Nursing and he has focused care on veterans and their families and others who have difficulty accessing services. In recent years he has begun developing behavioral health services for individuals struggling with substance abuse, addiction and psychiatric disorders, as well as their families, serving an estimated 10,000 people each year. An involved community member, he supports many Long Island based local charities and projects.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is a safe place that is saving lives in a professional and confidential manner

CONTACT Dr. David Pelcovitz

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CONTACT Barbara Silber, ESQ.

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CONTACT Adam Sokol

A graduate of Yeshiva University, Adam is involved in the oil and energy industry. In addition to his volunteer work with Amudim, he serves on the board of directors of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation, Avigdor’s Helping Hand and the Schottenstein Kollel of Jerusalem. He and his wife Suri are Queens residents and the proud parents of four sons.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim means rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes, working simultaneously behind the scenes and on the front lines to provide critical, services, because when it comes to saving lives, good enough just isn’t enough

CONTACT David Z. Solomon, Esq.

David Solomon recently retired from a twenty year career at Goldman Sachs to start his own investment firm. David has been a guest speaker at Harvard Business School, Yale Law School, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Columbia University and numerous industry conferences. He holds a masters from Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, a law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Queens College of the City University of New York. The author of several articles, David was named as a member of Institutional Investor’s 2012 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds list and serves on a number of endowment investment committees. What Amudim means to me: Plain and simple, Amudim means hope and support.

CONTACT Shmuly Halpern

Shmully is an executive with MuniReg, an outsourcing company for local government that he founded in 2018. His hobbies include sports and genealogy and he and his wife Dina live in Beachwood, Ohio with their five children, Ari, Henna, Riva, Minna and Bella.

What Amudim means to me: Displaying a reverence for each neshama, from the seemingly high to the self-anointed “unwanted,” and often providing the last chance at life and salvation, Amudim elevates those experiencing the deepest levels of anguish to independence, success and happiness.

CONTACT Amir Jaffa

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CONTACT Lazer Scheiner

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CONTACT Moishe Tohn

After completing his higher education at the Mesivta of Long Beach and Queens College, where he earned undergraduate degrees in history, secondary education and accounting, Moish began his career at a medium-size accounting firm in New Jersey before joining a real estate startup in Cleveland. Despite his workplace successes and advancements, Moish found more satisfaction successfully completing volunteer projects in the local community than he did in closing real estate deals. After meeting Mendy Klein and being offered the opportunity for full time involvement in community projects as executive director of the RIK Charitable Foundation in 2014, Moish has been monitoring the Klein family’s charitable projects worldwide. He lives in Cleveland Heights and he and his wife Leah have five terrific daughters.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is an ever-present reminder that one person can literally change the world. Many of us thought that there could never be a single address to deal with the sensitive issues that Amudim now deals with daily. I’m proud that the “many” were wrong and that we get to be a part of the solution to this community-wide problem.

CONTACT Srully Wolfson

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CONTACT Dr. Shlomie Zimmerman, Psy.D

Dr. Zimmerman is a licensed clinical psychologist who runs Child and Adult Psychological Services PLLC, a group psychology practice. A well-known speaker and consultant for many non-profits in the fields of child development, education, prevention, and trauma, Dr. Zimmerman is also the chair of Magen New York’s clinical advisory board. He enjoys community work and co-founded Congregation Sons of Israel, where he served as president and gabbai for 12 years. His hobbies include reading and watching documentaries. Dr. Zimmerman and his wife Devora are Queens residents and the parents of four children.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim tries to prevent and alleviate the pain of our Jewish brothers and sisters, one of the most important things anyone can do!

CONTACT Barry Horowitz, LCSW

The founder and director of Courageous Journeys Therapeutic Services, a psychotherapy practice specializing in trauma treatment, anxiety and depression, compulsive behaviors and healthy adjustment to life stressors, Barry is proud to be a part of the Amudim family in his role on the clinical advisory board.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is all about neshamos and the lives of our most prized possessions, our children. Our community has many worthwhile causes but none is more precious and more dear than Amudim.

CONTACT Dr. Hindie M. Klein, Psy.D

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Contact Dr. Gary Lelonek, MD

Dr. Gary Lelonek is an emergency department child and adolescent psychiatrist at Northwell Health/LIJ Hospital where he leads a team of social workers, child psychiatry fellows and residents working with families in crisis and evaluations of high risk patient and also works at Premium Health Center in Brooklyn. An associate professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Zucker Medical School where he teaches medical students about mental health emergencies, Dr. Lelonek has presented grand rounds for the departments of psychiatry at Montefiore and LIJ on the topics of the Holocaust and adolescent suicide prevention and he also gives workshops for Amudim’s staff and New York City public schools about mental health, suicide prevention and school violence. The author of two books, Dr. Lelonek lives with his wife and three children in Kew Garden Hills.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim means supporting individuals in their greatest time of need. Amudim’s guidance puts clients on the road to recovery, secure in the knowledge that they are understood and are never alone.

CONTACT Shira Manne

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CONTACT Dr. Akiva Perlman, Ph.D

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CONTACT Dr. Faye Zakheim, Ph.D

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Zvi spends his days and nights heading Amudim’s operations, channeling his energies and inborn skills to ensure its seamless function. A Queens Hatzolah member who also serves as a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department chaplain and an NYPD clergy liaison, Zvi was ordained as a rabbi in1999 by Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz of Yeshiva Madraigas HaAdam. He enjoys reading and world travel, particularly to locations of Jewish historical significance. Zvi’s wife Aviva, the driving force behind all that he does, has been licensed as an EMT for 20 years and as an RN for 10, and is heavily involved in communal affairs with a focus on working with at risk girls. The parents of four children, Zvi and Aviva live in Kew Gardens Hills.

What Amudim means to me: Growing up in a home of Chesed, I have always been passionate about helping people. Being a part of Amudim gives true meaning to my life and allows me to use my skills to help others.

CONTACT Debra Pelman, CPA, MBA

Manager of all of Amudim’s financial operations with more than a decade’s experience in non profit accounting, Devorah is a board member at the Jewish Community Council of Rockaway Peninsula who also lectures on behalf of various organizations and universities on the topic of fiscal management and budgeting. Devorah enjoys spending time with family outdoors, cooking and reading. She, her husband Chananiah and their four children, live in Far Rockaway

What Amudim means to me: It is an honor to be part of organization full of incredibly devoted staff who change lives and communities for the better every single day.

CONTACT Zoe Binson

As COO, Zoe ensures that everything runs smoothly at Amudim, monitoring the various departments and staff and bringing future projects to life. In what little spare time she has, Zoe enjoys relaxing with her family. She and her husband Michael live in New Jersey with their two children.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is about helping people, letting them know that someone cares about them and will be there for them no matter what.

CONTACT Myriam Lankry, LCSW

As clinical director I am responsible for overseeing and developing Amudim’s clinical department, primarily through the supervision of Amudim’s amazing clinical case managers. Simultaneously, I work together with rest of the management team to ensure Amudim’s sustainability as well as growth. I am passionate about direct work with clients and maintain a small private practice in Brooklyn and also serve as the assistant director of admissions at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, where I did post graduate studies.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim has the courage and conviction to help those that have been marginalized and left without a voice. Through the work done at Amudim many, that in the past would have suffered in silence, can get the help they deserve and rebuild their lives.

CONTACT Dr. Yechiel Zagelbaum

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CONTACT Shira Berkowitz, LCSW

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CONTACT Sarah Cohen

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CONTACT Sandy Eller

Working across Amudim’s many divisions, Sandy oversees all written communications. She enjoys crossword puzzles, photography and feeding other people homemade soups and baked goods. Sandy and her husband Josh are long time Monsey residents who consider their children and grandchildren to be their greatest accomplishment.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is all about doing whatever it takes to help people break free of the nightmares that haunt them day and night. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of the team that is finally bringing relief to those who, until recently, have suffered in silence.

CONTACT Leora Ferster

A Salesforce expert, Leora is responsible for managing the many facts, figures and statistics that are crucial elements of Amudim’s day to day operations. An avid gardener who loves to read, Leora lives with her husband Mathieu and their two children in West Hempstead.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim brings to light issues which the Jewish community has yet to face openly and I am proud to be part of its supportive and healing efforts that have bettered the lives of thousands of clients.

CONTACT Moshe Frankel, CASAC

With 20 years of experience working with at risk teens, Moshe develops and runs year round programming and support services for at risk teens including the Gavz Boyz traveling summer camp, which has been run under Amudim’s auspices for the past five years. In addition to his day to day activities as a case manager, Moshe has also been involved in many of Amudim’s school based awareness events and Narcan training sessions held in conjunction with the NYPD. A member of the chevra kadisha and a volunteer police and prison chaplain, Moshe is an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast who uses those interests to engage young adults in healthy outlets and build positive relationships.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim provides much needed, lifesaving support and services to a segment of the population that has been largely ignored and ostracized until now, simultaneously bringing these crucial issues to the forefront of public discourse.

CONTACT Moshe Gardner

Whether in the office or at an event or anywhere else, Moshe’s contributions are felt on a daily basis at Amudim, where he is constantly pitching in and rolling up his sleeves no matter what needs to be done.

What Amudim means to me: When lives are at stake, the words “no” and “I can’t” just aren’t options and Amudim is about doing everything in our power and then some to help those who can’t help themselves.

CONTACT Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg, Ms. Ed.

As clinical director I am responsible for overseeing and developing Amudim’s clinical department, primarily through the supervision of Amudim’s amazing clinical case managers. Simultaneously, I work together with rest of the management team to ensure Amudim’s sustainability as well as growth. I am passionate about direct work with clients and maintain a small private practice in Brooklyn and also serve as the assistant director of admissions at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, where I did post graduate studies.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim has the courage and conviction to help those that have been marginalized and left without a voice. Through the work done at Amudim many, that in the past would have suffered in silence, can get the help they deserve and rebuild their lives.

CONTACT David Kushner

Taking on various responsibilities on any given day, David is a crucial member of the Amudim team, whose innate ability to transition seamlessly from one capacity to the next allows for an even greater number of clients to be served. A member of Hatzolah, Bikur Cholim and the Chevra Kadisha, David is also the founding coordinator of Chaverim of Philadelphia, coordinator of Misaskim Philadelphia, serves as a chaplain to the Philadelphia Police Department, the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office and Atlantic City’s Congregation Rodef Sholom. David enjoys spending his spare time helping others and fighting for the underdog. He and his wife Dr. Elyssa Kushner, a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety disorder and evidence-based trauma treatment, and their three children, Gitty, Simmy and Faige, live in Philadelphia.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim provides me with the unique opportunity to feel true empathy towards those within our community during their most challenging times. As part of the crucial awareness, education, prevention and response components of Amudim, I am fortunate to witness the effective actualization of our mission to change lives and build futures.


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CONTACT Tzippy Landau

Joining the Amudim team from 6,000 miles away, Tzippy’s natural talents in graphics and web design are the cornerstone of Amudim’s online presence, creating a welcoming and easy to navigate user experience. A Ramat Beit Shemesh resident, Tzippy enjoys running and writing in her spare time.

What Amudim means to me: Having been on the other side of the coin, I have seen firsthand that abuse and addiction were often swept under the rug, leaving victims with nowhere to turn. After learning about all that Amudim does for those in crisis, I wanted to become part of the solution, joining Amudim in its mission to spread awareness and help those in pain.

CONTACT Ushy Lieber

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CONTACT Matil Yehudis Shteierman

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CONTACT Dr. Dov Snow, Ph.D

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CONTACT Chanie Steinfeld

Chani maintains Amudim’s day to day financial transactions. A Far Rockaway resident, she is currently pursuing an advanced degree in accounting and enjoys reading and sewing.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim addresses crucial needs in the community that are often overlooked. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.

CONTACT Nikki Schreiber

Nikki manages and oversees Amudim’s media and communications across all channels. As the founder and operator of Humans of Judaism, Nikki has a strong pulse on the greater Jewish community and is skilled at creating content that communicates with the masses. In Nikki’s professional role, she serves many high profile figures and organizations and prefers to lead a lower profile in her personal life. She spends her free time with the people she loves, enjoying a good restaurant or a classic movie. 

What Amudim means to me: The ability to use my skills and experience to serve Amudim is humbling. My time here has taught me just how pervasive the needs are that Amudim addresses and I am honored to play even a small role in such a vital community organization.

CONTACT Esti Webberman

Esti helps maintain Amudim’s day to day financial transactions. She is currently in college studying to become a Certified Public Accountant. In her spare time, Esti enjoys spending time with her family and friends and working out.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is an incredible organization that helps so many people in need. I feel privileged to get to work for such an organization.

CONTACT Dovid Weingarten, LCSW

As director of Project Heal, Dovid connects sexual abuse survivors with therapists, with partial funding allocated for those who meet program criteria. In addition to scheduling training sessions for the office staff, Dovid also runs Amudim’s intern training program, helping social workers complete their field requirements while also providing them with supervision and training as they continue on their chosen career path.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim gives me the ability to be part of a truly amazing organization and helps me reach many people in need, on both the micro and macro levels, as well as the ability to teach and inspire future social workers.

CONTACT Sara Kagan

Working with clients during moments of difficulty and crisis, Sara uses education, advocacy and referrals to help them to a better place. She enjoys baking and biking and lives with her husband and their three children in Rockland County, New York.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is able to help so many people in so many ways. The dedication here is inspiring, and it is wonderful to be a part of this organization.

CONTACT Susan Shtundel

Susie assesses cases and provides support, referrals, education, and guidance to help families in crisis regain stability, giving them the confidence to know they are not alone. A graduate of Adelphi University with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, Susie received her Masters in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work and has completed specialized training in addiction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, runaway and homeless youth and at risk youth.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim helps on both the micro and macro levels. Although the work we do is hard, there is extreme satisfaction each day knowing that you helped someone during the darkest chapter of their lives.

CONTACT Tziporah Baron

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CONTACT Mushka Cohen

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CONTACT Devorah Fischbein

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CONTACT Beryl Greenberg

Beryl helps his clients understand that they are in control of their situations and that they have the power to make their own decisions, checking in with them frequently to ensure their wellbeing and to provide a listening ear filled with kindness and warmth. He also spends time working with the Saving Lives Five Towns Drug and Alcohol Coalition as part of a UJA joint funded program between the Gural JCC and Amudim.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim plays a vital role in our community because it gives hope to those who feel hopeless.

CONTACT Naftaly Herskovic

Working out of our one of our satellite offices, Naftaly helps those who are struggling with addiction get the help they need to gain control of their lives. A certified recovery coach and addiction counselor with years of experience helping members of the Jewish community, Naftaly enjoys field reading and gardening and he volunteers with Tomchei Shabbos in his spare time.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim is a guiding light for those who don’t know where to turn and it is exceptionally rewarding to help people get their lives back on track.

CONTACT Sara Horowitz

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CONTACT Benjamin Katz

As a graduate of Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Benjy was taught about the importance of valuing each client for who they are. He is passionate about helping clients reclaim their self-worth and to assist them with getting the services they need in order to transcend once again. Whether it is within the realm of addiction, bereavement, or something else, Benjy always places his client’s well-being as his first priority.
Benjy lives with his wife in New Jersey.

What Amudim means to me: I love working for an organization whose whole mission is bent on helping people regain the dignity that they so deserve as human beings in this world.

CONTACT Ariella Len

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CONTACT Shira Leventhal

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CONTACT Ariel Muskat-Brown

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CONTACT Jay Rosenfeld, EMT

Jay responds to urgent situations 24/7/365, serving as a bridge to regular treatment and case management. He has been a member of Hatzolah for more than 20 years and also volunteers with Chesed Shel Emes. He enjoys smoking meats in his spare time and he and his wife Leah live in Brooklyn with their four children.

What Amudim means to me: Amudim plays an invaluable role in today’s continuously eroding society, providing crucial support to those who previously had nowhere to turn and educating the public on how to identify and manage life threatening crises.

CONTACT Haddassah Tropper

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