Coronavirus TRAVEL Useful Links and Important Notes

UPDATED May 10, 2021
For a general overview of all travelers, including Israeli citizens and foreign nationals Click Here
For a detailed overview of specific situations and appropriate links Click Here

Current Student Visa Holders: Anybody with a valid student visa that is traveling directly from either the USA or England no longer needs an Entry Permit / Ishur – (ELAL Flights are strongly recommended by the Interior Ministry)

New Students or Current students who are newly married or with new baby: 
Please click here for further details

Apostille: An apostille is no longer required to accompany any proof of relationship documents.

Changes: There are ongoing policy changes happening rapidly and without advance warning, we will keep updating this page as frequently as we can. 

Contact Information:

Email:  [email protected]

If this is urgent and you need immediate assistance, please call David Kushner, Amudim’s Director of Government Relations
Phone: 646-517-0222 ext 999, 24 hours a day.

The entry of foreigners into Israel is subject to the presentation of Health insurance including a clause covering COVID-19 Specifically: Proof of health insurance policy, explicitly stating in writing coverage for COVID 19 during your stay in Israel.  The coverage dates must match your itinerary dates.

Document must explicitly state in writing the following 4 things on the benefits summary page:

1) Names of insured (must match passports)

2) Dates of coverage (must match itinerary)

3) Coverage includes Israel

4) Coverage includes COVID-19

You may call either of the following insurance companies, or anyone else you choose (We do not have any ties to these companies, only that they have a good reputation and good track record for this specific insurance):

Based In America: Travelers choice Inc
Phone: 212-868-8698 x 214
[email protected]

Based in Israel: Epstein Insurance:
Phone: 718-874-8213
Email: [email protected]