Living with Bipolar Disorder
August 25, 2023

Everyone is given a unique combination of challenges and blessings in life, and some can be easier to navigate than others. Mental health issues can be particularly complex, as it can take time and a lot of “trial and error” before a person, his/her family, and the medical establishment figure out the optimal plan for success. But with guidance and good resources, there is hope for a productive and happy future.

Shifra*, a 27 year-old woman, reached out to us for assistance regarding her mental health and life circumstances. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years earlier after bouts with suicidal ideation, severe depression and mood swings; and Shifra was still living with her parents as she had no idea how to move forward towards a stable independence.

Shifra’s parents could no longer afford to support her and were asking her to move out; but they also realized that their daughter was not yet in any position to live on her own. Our case manager spoke with Shifra several times and provided education, resources and encouragement to take the next necessary steps in her journey to healing. The case manager helped connect Shifra to a therapist and psychiatrist, both of whom work with a clinic that takes Shifra’s insurance, who could help her fully understand the bipolar diagnosis and learn to manage the symptoms and establish a structure for her future life.

After four months of treatment, we assisted Shifra with finding a job and an apartment with two roommates that she could afford on her tight budget. Her parents were encouraging and willing to speak together with Shifra and her treatment team to understand how they could best support their daughter emotionally.

At this point, Shifra and her case manager still speak on a biweekly basis; and Shifra knows that she can call any time in between if a time sensitive issue arises with which she needs help. We are hopeful that with time and continued therapeutic support, Shifra will establish the foundations needed to build a successful and fulfilling future.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is a phone call away and here to help.
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes

Week Ending August 25, 2023
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