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August 26, 2022

Childhood is a time for making mistakes. But some decisions have horrific consequences. Knowing what’s out there and teaching awareness to our children is the best way to ensure they make it safely into adulthood.

Aaron* is a 16 year-old attending yeshiva and earning decent grades. A popular kid, lots of friends, raised in a stable home-there were no warning signs of the impending crisis.

We received a frantic call from Aaron’s mother, telling us that her son was in a coma after a drug overdose. His blood contained fentanyl: a synthetic pain killer often used after surgery, a tiny dose of which can kill an adult under the wrong circumstances. The medics administered narcan en route to the hospital; but Aaron’s brain had been deprived of oxygen, and the doctors did not know whether he would wake up or if he had sustained permanent damage.

Aaron’s parents were in shock; our case manager connected the family with grief counselors as well as chesed organizations that would help with preparing dinners and other resources.

A week later, Aaron woke up, and Baruch Hashem, he was okay. But the story that emerged has sadly become all too common.

Facing an important exam, Aaron was having trouble studying and asked a friend for help. He suggested adderall, a drug used for ADHD that was sure to get Aaron “focused.” The friend knew how to get the pills, and he figured what was the harm? It was just one dose; he wasn’t doing “real” drugs or taking it to get high.

That decision almost cost Araron his life. The adderall contained fentanyl-a method used by drug dealers to convince people they are getting the fix they need without realizing what they are ingesting.

Thankfully, Aaron’s story isn’t over. He and his parents got the education and assistance they needed; and Aaron now knows about the dangers of trusting unknown sources and appreciates how fragile life can be. But this tale could have taken a tragic turn, and our mission is to educate the public about how high the stakes have become and to prevent other kids from making the same mistake.

If you or someone you know is in trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and ready to help.


What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a very cheap and extremely addictive drug. Drug dealers are dangerously mixing illegally made fentanyl w​​ith, and disguising it as, other common drugs like oxy, percocet and xanax to increase profits. This process is not regulated and does not undergo any kind of quality control. Drug users have no way of knowing what they are getting in illegally-purchased drugs, and as little as two milligrams of fentanyl (two grains of sand) can kill a person.

Fentanyl is everywhere: an estimated 250-500 million pills made with fentanyl are in circulation in the U.S. at any time. This doesn’t even account for powder drugs made with fentanyl such as cocaine, MDMA (molly/ecstasy), or heroin.

The practice of cutting drugs with fentanyl is relatively new, so public awareness is low. Educating the public about this crisis is the first step to reversing the tragic outcomes.

How do we keep safe?

Amudim offers FREE Naloxone (Narcan) Training and Distribution Event:

Licensed by both the New York State and New York City Departments of Health, Amudim offers Narcan training classes, teaching the public how to administer this lifesaving opioid antidote. Temporarily reversing the effects of opioid overdose, Narcan provides a window of opportunity for victims to be treated at a hospital, often bringing them back from the brink of death. Narcan has no known side effects and works only on opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine, methadone, codeine and others.

A proud partner with the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau, Amudim has been working hand in hand with the NYPD to provide Narcan training to the public, using our combined resources to bring this life-saving medication and awareness programming to the general public.
More than 49,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in 2017, a number that continues to increase annually.

Click Here to learn more and book your event.

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Each week, Amudim fields calls covering a wide range of crises and addressing various human concerns, including addiction, depression, abuse, health and domestic emergencies and many others. We track the calls and breakdown of issues for many reasons, foremost of which is to consistently improve and strengthen our knowledge and ability to address community’s needs.

Narcan Training
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4 Free Narcan Trainings

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Dear little me,
You took on so much that was never yours to carry. We can set it down now whenever you're ready.

Love, Me



As of this week "Team Malky" has raised over $75,000 to help those
struggling with Mental Health & Addiction.

Team Malky is dedicated Leilay nishmas Malka bas Shlomo Dov & Malka bas Avraham Shalom

"They were 20 and 26 years old when their lives were stopped short by a disease stronger than many humans can bare. A disease that doesn't discriminate, doesn't care what your gender, age, or income is.
The disease of addiction."

Help support our cause by donating at Run4Amudim.com

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