Support and Structure for Our Kids
July 15, 2022

Love alone is almost never enough. Even with the best of intentions, parents can find themselves in a position with a child in danger and out of ideas of how to support them. But with a willingness to seek out advice and the possibility of finding the right resources, a child and his/her family’s chance for a better outcome becomes exponentially higher.

Leah’s* mother called Amudim knowing that her son needed help and feeling like she had nowhere and no one to turn to for guidance. Her daughter had developed an addiction to weed and finally been expelled from school several weeks earlier; Leah was often aggressive with severe mood swings, and the mother-daughter relationship had denigrated to a point where they rarely even spoke.

After a long and difficult conversation, our case manager observed the state of crisis the family was in and also the lack of structure in the home that was only exacerbating their challenges. She began by addressing the acute need of getting Leah into treatment to address both her addiction and the root causes of what had led her to this point. It has been over a month since Leah entered the program, and thankfully, she is continuing to improve and heal and is on a path of growth towards a healthy future.

In the interim, Leah’s case manager and her mother have maintained continuous contact, providing her with the necessary psycho-education to guide her daughter and establish a home environment conducive to lasting recovery. They have also discussed the next steps involved in Leah’s long term progress, ensuring that neither Leah nor her mother is alone in this and that they will be assisted by the individuals who care about them the most.

We are hopeful that with time, Leah will be able to put this damaging chapter behind her and find a solid place of healing, structure and support.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and here to help.

Week Ending July 15, 2022
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Each week, Amudim fields calls covering a wide range of crises and addressing various human concerns, including addiction, depression, abuse, health and domestic emergencies and many others. We track the calls and breakdown of issues for many reasons, foremost of which is to consistently improve and strengthen our knowledge and ability to address community’s needs.


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