A Painful Past, A Potential Future
January 19, 2024

While we often get calls for assistance right in our “backyard,” some of the people who find us are in distant places and have literally nowhere to turn. While every crisis is more challenging when faced alone, when we can help an individual combat that feeling and find what he needs, that’s a major win in our book.

Jeremy* was feeling isolated and scared when he called for help. He lives in a remote town where he settled after his divorce, far from any major Jewish community and with no sense of belonging. He was looking for a way to process the trauma and fear he was feeling in the wake of October 7, especially seeing the anti-semitism ramping up where he lives and around the country and world.

Normally, ensuring that a support system of family and friends is in place would be the first steps towards assisting Jeremy. But he is estranged from his immediate family, ex wife and children; his life circumstances and past actions had burned all the bridges of potential connection.

Jeremy followed us on social media and called after seeing one of our weekly posts; he felt that the emptiness and pain had become too debilitating to bear. He needed someone to both listen and guide him towards finding a way out of this isolated darkness. Jeremy seemed somewhat comforted after hearing the genuine concern and compassion that his case manager projected. They began discussing his situation and steps that Jeremy could take to improve his situation.

While there is no easy happy ending yet and Jeremy is still living alone, he feels more secure and supported as he maintains twice weekly phone calls with his case manager. We are working on connecting him to a therapist who will see him remotely and accept his insurance; and we hope that with time, a shift in perspective, and the right care, Jeremy will find his way to a more positive and hopeful place. He may have some major life decisions ahead of him about where he lives, his job, and his relationship with his children, but we will be there with Jeremy at every step of the journey.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and here to help.

*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes

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Music Video:
Silent Cries by Amudim
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"Silent Cries" narrates a heart-wrenching plea for help as the protagonist, immersed in pain and drowning in tears, grapples with a broken heart and internal battles. The song delves into the silent struggles masked by a smile, longing for support to overcome the scars and emerge from the depths of despair, all while seeking to feel alive once again.


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