Anxious and Alone
November 10, 2023

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he irony of anxiety is that while millions of Americans suffer from it, it can feel like one of the most isolating experiences in the world. And while it is a difficult and often lifelong challenge, with the right mix of support resources, finding serenity and balance is very much possible.

David* called us upon the advice of his rebbe, seeking help with the crippling anxiety he was experiencing in yeshiva, one year post high school. He is a child of divorce and has never had a stable or positive relationship with his father. While he attended a prestigious high school and managed to keep up his grades for a while, Daniel found himself struggling to keep up with the rigorous schedule and school culture; he was also having trouble establishing meaningful friendships.

When Daniel reached out, he expressed that the sadness and pain he was experiencing was too much to bear, and that he needed someone to help him feel “unstuck” and less empty inside. His anxiety was palpable over the phone, but Daniel did seem somewhat comforted after hearing the genuine care and compassion in his case manager’s voice.

Our case manager reached out to several mental health practitioners located near Daniel’s yeshiva who either accept his insurance or take cases on a sliding scale rate. He was able to find a good fit, and Daniel was eager to begin the work towards feeling less anxious and alone. With Daniel’s permission, our case manager also connected with his rebbe to discuss support options for Daniel in yeshiva and finding ways to engage him with his peers.

We are happy to report that after five months of weekly therapy sessions, Daniel is doing much better; he is building a foundation of coping skills and tools that he can use to tackle his anxiety and heal from the childhood wounds that never fully closed. He is happy to have found a way to remain in his yeshiva, where he has started to find friends with whom he can relate and hopefully build meaningful bonds.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and here to help.
*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes

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