Wounds of the Past
November 24, 2023

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Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse

Everyone has a burden they carry, some heavier than others. Those who find support in dealing with their pain may find a day when the weight of what they’ve endured is lighter. There is always hope for a happy resolution, but only when someone gets the help he needs.

Yaakov’s* wife reached out to us seeking guidance on how to help her husband in order to save her family. 33, married with 2 children, a successful career, a lovely home, Yaakov seemed to have it all. But behind the scenes, his marriage and home life were unraveling as he struggled with a porn addiction stemming from unresolved trauma of having been sexually abused as a child. The perpetrator was someone he trusted, and Yaakov put up protective walls so high that he insisted therapy was out of the question. He never had a chance to heal or learn techniques to move on from his trauma; and the combined challenges of his past and present were threatening to destroy everything he had built.

While it was Yaakov’s wife who called, our case manager was able to arrange a conference call and encouraged Yaakov to hear him out about getting the proper support. He first began treatment at a clinic that accepts insurance; but he did not have a positive experience and was feeling more hopeless than ever. Our case manager suggested a private therapist who specializes in trauma and addiction and placed Yaakov on the waitlist for Project Heal funding-the division of Amudim that subsidizes therapy for victims of child sex abuse and is only able to do so because of the generosity of people in our community who have huge and open hearts.

A month later, Yaakov began weekly therapy and has been attending daily SA meetings. His wife has a sponsor and attends open meetings as well (where family members are permitted in order to better understand what their loved one is going through). While there is still a long road ahead, Yaakov has expressed that for the first time in many years, he feels he can beat this addiction and heal from his past so that he can ensure a happy future for himself and his family.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and here to help.

*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes

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