See Something, Say Something, Save Someone
October 7, 2022

With the need for mental health screening at the forefront of our mind as October is the month when this is nationally acknowledged, it is important to remember to always keep an eye on our friends and loved ones and be sure to notice and tell someone if something seems wrong.

Rachel’s* mother called Amudim after she discovered that her 17 year-old daughter, a senior at their local Orthodox high school, was drinking and vaping with friends every weekend and watching risky challenge/dare videos on TikTok. When her parents spoke to Rachel about their concerns, she broke down about feeling a complete lack of confidence both socially and academically, and expressed self-harm ideation, which led to the phone call we received late that night.

Our case manager worked with Rachel’s parents to find the best treatment option for their daughter; after exploring many avenues, together they decided that a 90 day wilderness program would provide the structure and support that Rachel needed. The case manager also provided a referral for the parents to begin their own therapy separate from the family work that was part of Rachel’s treatment plan.

Our case manager has maintained regular contact with the family and Rachel’s mental health team; after being discharged from the wilderness program, Rachel began outpatient therapy as well as joined a group focused on DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). She has decided to take a gap year and not enroll in college right away as she continues to learn healthy skills and tools to incorporate into her daily life.

We have encouraged Rachel’s parents to continue supporting her as she progresses in her transition back to life at home and her journey towards healing; their concern and love have had a tremendous impact on Rachel’s treatment. We continue to check in to discuss updates as the family moves forward.

If you or someone you love is in trouble, please don’t hesitate to call. Amudim is here to help in any way possible.

Week Ending October 7, 2022
88 New Matters Addressed This Week
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Each week, Amudim fields calls covering a wide range of crises and addressing various human concerns, including addiction, depression, abuse, health and domestic emergencies and many others. We track the calls and breakdown of issues for many reasons, foremost of which is to consistently improve and strengthen our knowledge and ability to address community’s needs.

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“…an organization that clients can turn to when they need, and they are going to get quality care and quality response…”
Alexander Rand, LCSW-R CASAC
New York



"We need to understand that no one wakes up one day and decides to be an addict."
Rabbi Zvi Gluck, CEO of Amudim

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