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'Unity and Chessed.'

As a nation, we are struggling. This isn’t easy, and it’s okay not to be okay. We are all human; we have emotions, we feel, but we also need to be strong enough to know when to ask for help. No one should struggle alone.

I am in awe of the incredible strength we find in coming together as a community.
The power of unity and kindness can transform the world, bringing blessings and peace to all. Let’s continue to stand together and support one another.
Together, we can make a positive impact!
עם ישראל חי!!

Unity & Chesed:

Past, Present & Future.

By: Rabbi Zvi Gluck

WEEK ENDING November 3, 2023
330 New Matters Addressed This Week
Across 7 Countries Worldwide,
9 States and 21 Cities in the USA

Each week, Amudim fields calls covering a wide range of crises and addressing various human concerns, including addiction, depression, abuse, health and domestic emergencies and many others. We track the calls and breakdown of issues for many reasons, foremost of which is to consistently improve and strengthen our knowledge and ability to address community’s needs.


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