Pre-flight Traveler
Entry Declaration Form

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updated February 28, 2022

Pre-flight Traveler Entry Declaration Form

All travelers, regardless of age, nationality, or citizenship, must fill out this form!

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Watch our video tutorial by clicking the box below, and read our step by step instructions on how to properly fill out the entry declaration form.

Page 1

On bottom of page click “Okay. Let’s start.”

Page 2

Select your travel option

Click the first box that says “By Air”

Page 3

  1. Name:
    • Type your name as it appears on your valid passport that you are traveling with. Middle name/initials are not required.
  2. Are you a citizen or permanent resident of Israel?
    • This field automatically says yes. 
    • If you are an Israeli citizen keep it as “Yes.”  
    • If you are not an Israeli citizen, click the button to switch it to “No.”
  3. If you are Israeli the next question will ask you for Your ID Number: This refers to your Mispar Zehut which can be found on either your Israeli passport or your Teudat Zehut
  4. Passport Number:
    • Israeli Citizens: Enter your Israeli passport number.
    • All other travelers: Enter the passport number of the foreign passport you will be using to travel
  5. Citizenship:
    • Enter the name of the country your passport was issued by – i,e, United States of America
  6. Date of Birth:
    • This must be entered as day, month, year (opposite style of the   typical American date structure) Example:. May 1st 2021 would be 01/05/2021
  7. Country code for mobile phone number:
    • Type in the name of the country in which that phone number is registered from – i.e. United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, etc…
  8. Mobile Phone Number:
    • Enter the 10 digit number starting with area code. Do not use spaces or characters. 
    • Example: 9175551212
  9. Landline phone: 
    • This is not required
  10. Email address:
    • Make sure to spell this  correctly, as this email address is where all approvals and communications, and required documents will be sent to.
  11. Emergency Contact:
    This is only for those who are not Israeli Citizens.
    • Fill in the first name, last name and phone number of an emergency contact of your choosing.
  12. At bottom of page click “Confirm and Continue”

Page 4: Itinerary

  1. Point of Entry:
    • This will automatically say Ben Gurion Airport – do not change.
  2. Airline:
    • Enter the name of the airline you will be using. i.e. El Al, United, etc…..
  3. Flight Number:
    • On your flight reservation it will state your flight number to Israel
    • This is not your reservation or confirmation number – i.e. 008 , 90,  232, etc….
  4. Country you depart from:
    • Enter the original destination you are traveling from – if you have a layover, this will be the 1st country you depart from and not the country the layover takes place in 
    • We strongly advise to only take direct/nonstop flights
  5. Date of Departure: 
    • Enter the date your flight is scheduled to take off.
    • If you have a layover, this refers to your first flight.
    • Note: sometimes late night flights are scheduled after midnight which is the next day
  6. Date of Arrival in Israel:
    • Enter the date you land in Israel.
    • Note: This is often the day after you departed.
  7. Expected Time of Arrival in Israel:
    • This information is found on your flight itinerary.
    • Note –  You must enter this time in military time.  I.E. 5:00 PM IS 17:00
  8. Transit to Israel:
    • This is automatically left blank. 
    • If you have a direct flight (recommended) do not click the box and simply move on. 
    • If you do have a connecting flight, and your layover is scheduled to be for more than 12 hours, click the box and fill out the flight information asked. 
  9. Have you visited other places in the last 14 days:
    • This question refers to other countries (not cities or states in the country you are departing from).
    • This box is automatically empty – do not click this box if it does not apply to you
  10. At the bottom of the page, click “confirm and continue

Page 5: Health Declaration

Please read this section carefully before filling out the form. 

There are 3 options to choose from, they are:

  1. Vaccinated/Recovered in Israel
  2. Vaccinated/Recovered Outside Israel
  3. Other

We strongly recommend that all travelers, regardless of age, citizenship, vaccination status or recovery status, choose Option 3: “Other”

Please read the detailed outline below for information regarding each category. 



    1. We strongly recommend this option for all travelers
    2. Scroll down to #10 and check the two box in that section
    3. Next, check the box says  “Confirm the Declaration”
    4. Click “Confirm and Continue

Vaccinated Recovered in Israel:

  1. This applies only to Israeli Citizens/Toshvei Keva who:
    • a. Has a Michtav Machlim from the Israeli Ministry of Health.
    • b. Has proof of full vaccination from inside Israel dated within the past 180 days.
    • c. Has digital proof of recovery from inside Israel. 
  2. Scroll down and check the box says “I am aware…”
  3. Next, check the box says  “Confirm the Declaration”
  4. Click “Confirm and Continue

Vaccinated Recovered outside Israel: 

Only click this option if you meet the vaccination/recovery requirements detailed in our vaccination/recovery guidance 

  1. Fully Vaccinated Travelers:
    • Enter the vaccination type and dates of each of your vaccination.
    • Please remember to enter in the format of day/month/year. 
    • Each of your vaccinations have to be entered separately by clicking “add a dose of the vaccine”
  2. Recovered Travelers with Digitally Verifiable proof of Recovery:
    • Enter the country that issued the recovery document and the date listed on your digitally verifiable proof of recovery that is within 180 days (6 months) of your travel date.
  3. Recovered and Vaccinated: Click the box thats says recovered outside Israel and follow the same instructions from BOTH of the above sections for Vaccinated and for Fully Recovered.
  4. Click the Upload icon that is near the text “Upload COVID Certificate to check whether isolation is mandated.” and then click “continue to fill out the form”
  5. Upload the file you saved for your Vaccination / Recovery Certificate. Do not try to drag the file in to upload it. this will clear your entire form and you will have to start over.
  6. After upload is complete – you may see writing in pink or red that says “Sorry, unable to verify the certificate. If you filled out vaccination or recovery details, they will be forwarded to the Health Ministry for further processing. You can continue filling out the rest of the form.”.  If you see that, it is NOT AN ERROR and you should continue with the next steps
  7. Scroll down and check the box says “I am aware…”
  8. Next, check the box says  “Confirm the Declaration”
  9. Click “Confirm and Continue

Page 6: Overview & additional travelers

  1. If you are traveling alone:
    • There is no need to fill anything on this page.
  2. You may click “Passenger information overview” to view and/or edit the all the previous information you filled in.
  3. If you are traveling with other members of your immediate family:
    • Click “add traveler” and repeat some (not all) of the previous steps listed above that are unique to the additional travelers.
  4. Once you have added all travelers, and have confirmed your information is accurate, Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click “Confirm and Continue

Page 7: Final Page

  1. Locality:
    • Enter the name of city you are staying in in Israel
    • Note: Type slowly because as you are typing the city names will populate below until you choose
    • Note: Many of the names have very odd spelling and often times it is easier to start with the 2nd name if there are 2 names 
  2. Street:
    • Enter the name of the street you will be staying on.
    • Note: Type slowly, as you are typing the street name will populate below until you choose. 
    • Note: Many of the names have very odd spelling and often times it is easier to start with the 2nd name if there are 2 names 
  3. House Number:
    • Enter the numerical street address.
  4. Apt  Number:
    • If this is a single home, enter the number 1
  5. Zip Code
    • Any 5 digit number will work
  6. Click “I read and understand the isolation requirements
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click “FINISH

You have now completed and submitted this mandatory traveler entry declaration form

You should receive an email within 15 minutes with your clearance to board the flight.  That email will come from [email protected]   –   If you do not receive that email within 30 minutes, please check your spam/junk mail folders.  If after 1 hour that email has not yet arrived – please fill out the form again.

Attached to that email should an attachment called “incoming statement.”

Click here to see a sample of what the Incoming Statement Document looks like.

This approval document/documents must be brought with you to the airport and presented during check in – along with all other required documentation that is needed to be brought to the airport. Click here for further details.

Quarantine Guidance

Relief for American Citizens abroad with an Expired Passports

Frequently asked Questions

Learn More

Frequently asked Questions

Visit[email protected]#!requestDetails  to apply for your Entry Permit to Israel During the COVID-19 pandemic.

This can be a proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from COVID.

You can upload one of the following:

  1. A copy of your COVID Vaccination Card – Must be 10 days post full vaccination.
  2. A formal letter on official letterhead of a hospital, medical center or licensed medical doctor, signed by the travelers medical doctor, attesting to the date that the traveler had COVID, and that the traveler is now considered recovered from COVID
  3. A positive COVID test, with results from a Medical Laboratory, followed by a negative COVID test, with results from a Medical Laboratory *does not matter how long ago or how much time between the tests,
    You can merge both PCR test results by using a free online tool such as to create one file from both images.

This applies to ALL foreign applicants of ALL ages.

Antibody testing and/or Serology results are NOT accepted as proof of COVID recovery for the purpose of applying for an entry permit

Yes, The entry of foreigners into Israel is subject to the presentation of Health insurance including a clause covering COVID-19 Specifically: Proof of health insurance policy, explicitly stating in writing coverage for COVID 19 during your stay in Israel.  The coverage dates must match your itinerary dates.

Document must explicitly state in writing the following 4 things on the benefits summary page:

1) Names of insured (must match passports)

2) Dates of coverage (must match itinerary)

3) Coverage includes Israel

4) Coverage includes COVID-19

You may call either of the following insurance companies, or anyone else you choose (We do not have any ties to these companies, only that they have a good reputation and good track record for this specific insurance):

Based In America: Travelers choice Inc
Phone: 212-868-8698 x 214
[email protected]

Based in Israel: Epstein Insurance:
Phone: 718-874-8213
Email: [email protected]

The maximum document size allowed is 1200 KB. You may use a free tool such as to compress your images.

You can merge multiple PDF’s  into one file by using a free online tool such as to create one file from both images.

Child Visiting a Parent who is an Israeli Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident

  1. Child Birth Certificate
  2. If child last name is different than parents – proof of name change, such as marriage licence or legal name change document
  3. If the parents last name changed, such as second marriage or any other reason, proof of that name change

Applicant visiting a sibling who is Israeli Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident

  1. Applicants Birth Certificate
  2. Israeli Citizen or Permanent Residents Birth Certificate
  3. If applicants last name changed, proof of name change
  4. If Israeli Citizen or Permanent Resident has a different last name, proof of name change

If applicant accompanying their spouse, where it is their spouse’s 1st degree relative

  1. Applicant marriage license, showing they are the spouse of the eligible party
  2. Spouse Birth Certificate
  3. If Spouse last name changed, proof
  4. If applicants last name changed, proof of name change
  5. If Israeli Citizen or Permanent Residents Birth Certificate
  6. If Israeli Citizen or Permanent Resident has a different last name, proof of name change

If applicant is child under 28 – going with a parent, where the child’s parents is the first degree relative or perm resident.

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate – proving child of the eligible party
  2. If child has a different last name, proof of name change
  3. Parents Birth Certificate proving relationship to 1st degree
  4. If parent name change – proof of name change
  5. Israeli Citizen or Perm Resident Birth Certificate
  6. If Israeli Citizen or Perm Resident has a different last name, proof of name change

Additional documents required if you are traveling with family members:

  1. Traveling with your Spouse: Marriage License
  2. Traveling with your Child/Children: Birth Certificate’s for each child
  3. Traveling with your Sibling:
    1. Siblings Birth Certificate
    2. Siblings Marriage License / Proof of name change – if your sibling has a different last name.

There is only place to to upload a “Proof of Relationship” file.

To help those who need to upload multiple files, as well as to simplify the process, click here  to upload your required documents.

Upon submission you will receive an email containing one PDF with all the files you uploaded, as well as the proper steps to compress the file so it can be uploaded with your application.

You need to fill out the Health Declaration Form.

You can either Click here to download and complete the form or

Click Here to be directed to our online form filler.

Fill out the information of the applicant.

If you use our online form, after clicking submit, you will be receive and email with your completed and signed form. Make sure to download your completed form to upload it with your application.


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