Entrance to Israel Advisory

Entrance To Israel Advisory

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September 3, 2021: Updated Quarantine Guidance – Click here to view

Aug 19, 2021: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Israeli Consulates around the world) are no longer issuing student visas for Yeshiva/Seminary students regardless of age.
If you are a Yeshiva/Seminary student who still needs a visa, please contact your school for assistance.


Updated Instructions for Submitting an Entry Permit / Ishur Application and Re-submitting an Existing Unanswered Application – Click here for further details

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Entry Permit Application Form Click here 

Updated Vaccinations / Recovery Policy: ALL foreign nationals seeking to enter Israel, regardless of age, MUST provide proof of COVID vaccinations or have proof of COVID recovery. Click Here for more

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General Overview

This is a general overview for all travelers including Israeli Citizens and foreign nationals.


With the exception of Israeli passport holders and Israeli Visa holders, all foreigners seeking to enter Israel are required to have a valid Entry Permit / Ishur.

All who are seeking entry to Israel, including Israeli citizens will be required to have the documentation needed, which can be found here.

The following are current guidelines regarding entry permits into Israel:

  1. Israeli citizens with a valid Israeli travel document (passport or travel document) are allowed to fly to Israel without prior approval.
  2. Every Israeli visitor and every foreigner who has been approved for entry is required to perform a PCR test within 72 hours prior to the flight to Israel.
  3. Foreigners and Israelis who have not been vaccinated in Israel are obligated to be quarantined as instructed by the Ministry of Health. Those who present a vaccinated or recovering certificate from abroad will be required to perform a serological test at the institute of their choice in Israel. A positive result in the serological test (confirmation of the presence of antibodies) may allow shortening of isolation Click Here for more information regarding quarantine.
  4. Foreigners leaving Israel before the end of the isolation period, without special approval from the Israeli authorities, violate the laws of the State of Israel and may face severe penalties including a 5 year ban of future entry into Israel.
  5. Parent traveling with a Minor Child: Please note, if the minor child is traveling with only one parent, you will need a formal notarized letter from the non-traveling parent authorizing the traveling parent of the child to travel outside the country
    The letter should be signed by both parents and notarized
    The letter should state:I (name of non-traveling parent) with passport # (fill in number) give full permission for my partner (name of traveling parent) with passport # (fill in #) to travel to Israel with our child (fill in name of child and passport #)

The following categories can only apply to enter Israel if they have been vaccinated, even if in a foreign country, or if the applicant has proof that they have recovered from COVID:

  1. Anyone visiting a 1st-degree relative 

  2. A foreign parent of an Israeli child residing in Israel

  3. Attending a Bar/Bat Mitzvah of a 1st-degree relative (which is really the same as visiting a 1st-degree relative)

  4. Going for the birth of a grandchild (which is really the same as visiting a 1st-degree relative, either the 1st-degree relative is the mother of the new baby or the father of the new baby)

  5. A foreigner married to an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident.

  6. 1st-degree relatives visiting a lone soldier or someone doing Sherut Leumi

The following categories can apply to enter Israel even if not vaccinated, but in that case, the applicant is subject to follow full quarantine guidelines. Click Here for more information

  1. Parents of a Bride or Groom attending the upcoming wedding.

  2. Minor Child of an Israeli Citizen

For procedure regarding exemption and early release from quarantine Click Here

Definition of a 1st-degree relative living in Israel: The person living in Israel must be an Israeli citizen or a legal resident.


•     Please make sure to send in the request at least 3 weeks prior to your flight date. The department cannot process earlier requests. 

•     All required documents must be attached, according to the category that applies to you, in one PDF file not exceeding 5MB.
Shrinking the file size can be done using online services. (such as ilovepdf.com – recommendation only. Use at your own discretion)

•     Requests and status checks can only be made through email.
Questions and requests made on other platforms will not be addressed.

Prior to your flight:

All travelers must complete the following steps prior to arriving at the airport:

  1. All travelers – regardless of age or status, must have a physical copy of their valid entry Permit, Israeli Passport, Israeli Travel Document, or Valid Israeli Visa.

  2. All passengers must take a PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding the flight to Israel. Passengers must show the result during check-in. Passengers with no valid PCR test will be declined from boarding the flight

  3. All travelers must complete the following “traveler entry” declaration separately for each traveler.
    • Click Here to enter the “traveler entry” deceleration page
    • After completing the Travel Entry Declaration page, you will receive and email (within 2-3 min after completion). Please print that email and bring it with you to the airport.
  4. Upon your arrival in Israel, all travelers will be obligated to adhere to Ministry of Health quarantine guidelines and process, in order to be released from quarantine.
    Click here for more

Important Note: Amudim does not charge fees for any service we provide for the community. Should anyone claim that he/she was asked to pay for assistance, please email [email protected] right away, and let us know.