CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL – Proof of Vaccination / Recovery Guidance

Proof of Vaccination / Recovery Guidance

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Update: October 3, 2021
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As the rules are continually changing, Click here for the most recent quarantine guidelines as regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health
Update: August 19, 2021
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Israeli Consulates around the world) are no longer issuing student visas for Yeshiva/Seminary students regardless of age.
If you are a Yeshiva/Seminary student who still needs a visa, please contact your school for assistance.

NOTE: The below applies to ALL foreign applicants of all ages.*

*With the exception of applicants under 12 months of age.

1 – Proof of Vaccination  – Must be 10 days post full vaccination or

2 – Proof of Recovery – You need to submit one of the below
* A positive COVID test, with results from a Medical Laboratory, followed by a negative COVID test, with results from a Medical Laboratory *does not matter how long ago or how much time between the tests,
* A formal letter on official letterhead of a hospital, medical center or licensed medical doctor, signed by the travelers medical doctor, attesting to the date that the traveler had COVID, and that the traveler is now considered recovered from COVID (There is talk that this may change very soon).

Antibody testing and/or Serology results are NOT accepted as proof of COVID recovery for the purpose of applying for an entry permit