May 31, 2024

This week marked six years since the sudden and untimely passing of our beloved founder Mendy Klein z”l. Boundlessly compassionate and infinitely dedicated, Mendy left an indelible imprint on this world. He was so much more than just a philanthropist – he was a beacon of hope for countless individuals struggling in silence.

I saw on countless occasions how Mendy was never able to look away from a person who was going through difficult times. Their pain was his pain, and his vision for a better world led to the creation of Amudim, an oasis of safety, compassion and dignity for those facing the darkest moments of their lives. Mendy’s commitment was deeply personal and a good portion of the many emails he wrote addressing difficult situations were sent late at night or in the pre-dawn hours. Sleeping at night just wasn’t an option for Mendy when he knew that there were countless individuals who needed his help.

Mendy established vital connections with leaders and organizations in order to ensure that no call for help went unanswered. His lifesaving foresight and relentless commitment has allowed Amudim to forever change the way our community addresses crises, in addition to shattering stigmas, raising awareness and developing school curriculums to prevent children from being victimized.

Time and time again Mendy would tell me that true wealth lies not in financial success, but in the ability to impact positively, a mantra that continues to guide us. As we mark the yahrtzeit of this incredible trailblazer, I ask you to join us in continuing his mission, ensuring that his spirit of giving lives on. Your donation can carry Mendy’s extraordinary legacy of compassion forward, building futures and changing lives.

Rabbi Zvi Y. Gluck

Visit to learn more about Mendy and to watch tribute videos that celebrate his life and impact.

Join us this Sunday 8:15 PM!


In Loving Memory of Jack Friedman Yaakov Yosef Ben Natan Nata Z”L

Join Rav Gavriel Friedman on June 2 at Ohel Sara, Queens, for an inspiring Shavuot event on transforming relationships.

Sponsored by Chazaq, Youth Minyan, Amudim, and UJA Federation. Open to all.


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